Online Teaching TOEFL Preparation Course

50-Hour On-Line Teaching TOEFL Preparation Course

TOEFL iBT test stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Testing.” Passing the TOEFL Test is an important pre-requisite for international EFL students wanting to study in North American post-secondary institutions. In addition, the score is used by government agencies, scholarship programs, and licensing agencies to assess English proficiency. As a consequence, English learners around the world are looking for help of certified teachers to prepare for the TOEFL Test. This comprehensive 50-Hour On-Line Teaching TOEFL Preparation Course is designed by experts in the field to provide teachers with a solid background in TOEFL preparation, as well as a selection of proven strategies to help students successfully complete the test and achieve the scores they desire. Contact us for further details.


Accredited Online Program

Our Online Teaching TOEFL Preparation Course has successfully met all of the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)’s accreditation requirements and, as a result, our program has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. Our institute has been awarded Full Accreditation after being evaluated under the International Accreditation Organization’s standards of global best practices in: Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. IAO’s full accreditation is a proof that we offer education that is on par with global education standards and that our institute is fully committed towards continuous improvement in the ever-evolving field of education.


The Teaching TOEFL Preparation Course Features:

• Material you can photocopy for class use
• Sample TOEFL tests
• How to plan a preparation program
• How to plan individual lessons
• How to teach test-taking skills
• Sample authentic materials
• In-class activities
• Feedback on your assignments.


Course Assignments

Assignments are included within each course module. These assignments have to be submitted via e-mail.  Feedback can be expected within a few days from submission. The feedback is comprehensive and will include careful comments on your academic work along with suggestions and recommendations. We provide full support for all students! If an assignment does not meet the expected standard, the tutor will return it with comments for improvement. It is rare that students have to resubmit it more than once.


Assignments consist of a range of different tasks and include the following:

• Questions to summarize each module.
• Designing a detailed lesson plan with phrasal verbs.
• Approaches/methods to teach vocabulary and reading comprehension.
• Designing a week-long sequence of lessons on Written Expression.


You can work through this course as quickly as you wish!


Included in the On-Line Teaching TOEFL Preparation Course Fee of $95 USD:

  • 50-hour Teaching TOEFL Preparation Certificate.
  • Job Guidance Worldwide.
  • Dynamic and fun to watch videos throughout the course.
  • Live chat and email administrative assistance.
  • Self-Paced mode.
  • Free mailing of certificate worldwide!

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