Teaching Job Offers in China

Teach English as a Foreign Language in China!


As a Teach to Travel Academy graduate from any TEFL location, you can automatically request EFL job contacts worldwide. These job contacts are in fact our partner schools: public, private or language schools around the world, which you can contact via email, phone or skype.

In addition to employment contacts, you can qualify for our Teaching Job Offers in China, if you meet the following requirements.


Qualifications for our Teaching Job Offers in China

To qualify, you must:

• Be a Native English Speaker.
• Have a high school diploma as minimum level of education.
• Be aged between 18 to 50.
• Hold a TEFL or TESOL Certificate. All course providers are welcome!
• Act professionally at all times.
• Obtain a clear background check.
• Punctual and responsible with a sound work ethic.
• Have the commitment to live abroad for 6 months or 1 year and,
• Fullfil Job Contract.


To meet visa regulations and legal working permits in most countries around the world, applicants must be native English speakers and citizens from:


• United States of America
• United Kingdom
• Canada
• Ireland
• Australia
• New Zealand
• South Africa


Teaching Job Offers in China:  Paid Jobs for English Language Teachers

As an ESL teacher, your duties include lesson planning and classroom teaching. You will be responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of your students during class time and office hours. You may also be required to host events and represent your school publicly. This could include Christmas and Halloween parties, spelling bees, public demo lessons and even birthday celebrations for the students. Chinese EFL students range from pre-school children to adults. 


We offer:

• Jobs all year round!
• Monthly Salary: Ranging from 10,000RMB to 20,000RMB (approximately $1,568 USD to $3,047 USD) without accommodation, from 8,500RMB to 18,500RMB ($1,330 USD to $2,800 USD) with employer provided accommodation, depending on teaching experience and qualifications.
• Hours/Week: Maximum 40 office hours including maximum 25 teaching hours in class. Any teaching hours over 25 are paid at an overtime rate of 150 RMB (approximately $23 USD) per hour. There are 2 days off per week.
• Accommodation: Western style and fully furnished. Utilities and maintenance bills are not included.
• Holidays: All public holidays in China.
• Airfare Allowance: Up to 3,000 RMB (about $615 USD) reimbursement paid at completion of 1 year contract.
• Work visa included: We could offer Z work visa for eligible candidates.
• Health Insurance: Available to purchase through us.
• On-the-job training and teaching materials will be provided.
• Chinese assistant will be arranged for airport pick up and help to settle down.
• Daily living support including: setting up bank accounts, new mobile numbers, medical assistance and other general requirements.
• We can also organize extra-curricular activities such as: sporting activities and other events to help you to integrate into Chinese society.
• Assistance to arrange Chinese language courses, if needed.


TEFL TESOL Certificate holders:
If you already have an accredited certificate from another school, reach out to us and request information on how to join Teach to Travel Academy’s Job Network.


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