Online Teaching English to Young Learners Course

50-Hour Online Teaching Young Learners Course

The purpose of this intensive course is to explore issues related to the teaching of English to young learners. The number of teachers of young learners is increasing, as children are starting to learn English at a younger age around the world. The term “young learners” can be used to describe pre-school, primary school and secondary school or teenage learners. Teaching young learners requires know-how. Not everybody can walk into a classroom and teach them without being trained. After completing our 50-hour online training, you will belong to those teachers who possess the appropriate knowledge and skills to undergo such field. As a result, you will be hired even faster in the EFL/ESL industry. Contact us for more info.


Accredited Online Program

Our Online Teaching Young Learners Course has successfully met all of the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)’s accreditation requirements and, as a result, our program has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. Our institute has been awarded Full Accreditation after being evaluated under the International Accreditation Organization’s standards of global best practices in: Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. IAO’s full accreditation is a proof that we offer education that is on par with global education standards and that our institute is fully committed towards continuous improvement in the ever-evolving field of education.


Course Content
The course is divided into the following 9 Modules with tests throughout the academic program:

Module 1: The Child as A Language Learner

Module 2: Teaching Listening to Young Learners

Module 3: Teaching Speaking to Young Learners

Module 4: Teaching Reading to Young Learners

Module 5: Teaching Writing to Young Learners

Module 6: Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners

Module 7: Assessing Young Learners

Module 8:  Working with Parents of Young Learners

Module 9: Key Issues in Teaching Young Learners

Final Test/Assignment & Certificate Award


You can work through this course as quickly as you wish!


The Teaching English to Young Learners Course Features:

• A clear orientation and introduction of 50 hours to the Teaching English to Young Learners, including a brief overview of young learner development. Information is provided for teachers working in both Foreign Language and Second Language contexts.
• Numerous practical illustrations from a wide range of TEYL course books and extracts from authentic classroom interactions.
• A key issues chapter on classroom management, special educational needs, technology, tutoring, and professional organizations.
• Reproducible material for direct application of content to in-class Teaching English to Young Learners lessons.
• Suggestions for books, articles, and web sites offering resources for additional up-to-date information on Teaching English to Young Learners.
• An expansive TEYL glossary offering short and straightforward definitions of language, early childhood, and education teaching terms.
• Reflection questions inviting readers to think about critical issues in young learner language teaching and action activities requiring readers to apply the ideas, principles, and techniques to the teaching of young learners in their own situations.
• Information on how to effectively work with the parents of young learners, even when the they do not speak English fluently.
• Charts and checklists of useful information for the young learner teacher.


Included in TEYL Course Fee of $95 USD:

  • 50-hour Teaching Young Learners Certificate.
  • Job Guidance Worldwide.
  • Dynamic and fun to watch Videos throughout the course.
  • Live chat and email administrative assistance.
  • Self-Paced mode.
  • Free mailing of certificate worldwide!

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