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Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TEFL, is simply an unforgettable and profitable new way of living, in which you create meaningful connections with your students, coworkers and new friends along the journey.


We know that many people just dream of travelling the world wishing they could somehow earn money for doing it. Therefore, we’re here to tell you that you can actually share your knowledge of the English language, or to be more specific, become an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher by taking a TEFL Program of 4 weeks and turn into an expert in language mentorship. All throughout the program, trainers with years of experience will provide feedback after you teach real EFL students; and equally important, you will start working after completion of your course!


If you’re into studying to travel and work abroad, or what we call academic wanderlust, you’ve found the right place, as we’re thrilled to help reach your life-changing goal of training to become an EFL Teacher so you can travel and earn money. Allow yourself this amazing experience, you totally deserve it!

Miss Ramirez

Founder of Teach to Travel Academy


teach to travel academyMy career in the TEFL industry began in 2010 as a TEFL sales agent, to later become the School Coordinator in charge of all aspects of the program, which included general guidance to those interested in teaching English plus guaranteed job placement to all graduates of a World-Renowned Institution. After years of learning the pros and cons of the teaching English as a Foreign Language field, I decided it was time to create a platform of extensive guidance, true expectations on teaching EFL in different countries, help on living abroad, and most importantly, honest and real advice. This heart-driven project, has allowed me to have more opportunities to enjoy my family and friends (while I also daydream of my next travel destination) and therefore, I can say that you too can have an authentic and much more fulfilling life mentoring students of all walks of life by contributing to their education, world views and core values.


So, feel free to contact us via email, phone, live chat or even WhatsApp at +521 3315 187262 and find me on skype under

info@tefl-programs.com during office hours from 10 am – 5 pm Central Time to have a free one on one consultation regarding your future career.


We look forward to helping you into the TEFL community!

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