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Our 120-Hour online TEFL TESOL course is primarily designed for individuals who seek to take an internationally accredited TEFL TESOL course but might have time and/or budget constraints, which unable them from attending an onsite course.  Our fully accredited, online TEFL TESOL course is a 100% distance-learning course and can be taken with or without the support of a personal experienced tutor.  As it is an online TEFL TESOL course, there is no classroom attendance and no teaching practice component. You will, however, have the opportunity to see actual EFL classes through videos!  Although there is no classroom attendance, you will complete project work and actual lesson plans similar to those during an on-site course.


Taking this Internationally Recognized TEFL training is a great way to begin your career as teacher in the English as a Foreign Language field and to get access to job contacts worldwide to work in a professional and well-paid job. Moreover, this Online Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate Program gives you the top training required by schools around the world. After receiving your certificate, you will be ready to teach students of any level and any age group!


Some of the advantages of taking our online course are that you are able to study at your own pace from anywhere in the world and still receive full career-support services.


Accredited Program

Our Online TEFL TESOL Course has successfully met all of the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)’s accreditation requirements and, as a result, our program has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. Hence, our institute has been awarded Full Accreditation after being evaluated under the International Accreditation Organization’s standards of global best practices in: Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. Consequently, IAO’s full accreditation is a proof that we offer education that is on par with global education standards and that our institute is fully committed towards continuous improvement in the ever-evolving field of education.


Included in Tuition:


During the Program:

  • 120 hours of academic content, divided into 12 modules.
  • Personal Tutor Support and expert feedback.
  • Dynamic and fun to watch Videos throughout the course.
  • Live chat administrative assistance.
  • Self-Paced mode.

Right after Graduation:

  • Internationally Recognized and Accredited 120 Hour Online TEFL TESOL Certificate.
  • Job Contacts Worldwide upon request.
  • Free Specialty Certificate Course of $95 USD value.
  • Feedback on your C.V. for the TEFL industry upon request, and
  • Qualification to book additional Specialty Certificate Courses.





Module 1: Theory – Introduction
10 hours course work—2% of total marks allocated

First of all, you will go through an introduction to teaching ESL as well as an overview of what makes a good EFL teacher.


Module 2: Theory – History of Language
Teaching 10 hours course work – 3% of total marks allocated

Includes history and nature of language, variation and change; competence and performance; major models of linguistic description; formal language instruction versus unconscious language learning; first and second language acquisition; models of second language acquisition; learning strategies and styles; factors affecting language learning; the adult learner; the socio-dimension of TESOL and second language acquisition.


Module 3: Theory – Foundations
10 hours course work – 10% of total marks allocated

You will examine the theoretical issues in second language teaching and learning with the adult learner; four domains to be considered in adult teaching: cultural, affective, personal, and cognitive, while covering the major areas of theoretical research that have a bearing on how people learn a second language.  Additionally, the course  examines the student as a language learner and compares first and second language acquisition.


Module 4: Culture and Sociocultural Issues
10 hours course work – 5% of total mark

Includes cultural pluralism in U.S. society; institutional and individual barriers to participation in U.S. society; culturally-determined life styles and learning styles and their effect on second language learning; acculturation; anti-racism; social-cultural factors under a variety of case studies with an emphasis on cause and effect in an ESL/EFL classroom, which covers the issues and challenges of diversity and cultural identity and factors influencing teaching and learning.  Learning to communicate across culture barriers is one objective of this course and creating the inclusive, anti-racist curriculum and classroom is another.


Module 5: Methodology – Teaching Methods
10 hours course work – 5% of total mark

Includes the history of language teaching and develops a survey of second language teaching methods; and discusses the present “communicative approach” in detail.


Module 6: Methodology – Foundations
10 hours course work – 10% of total mark Methodology – Foundations

Includes a survey of second-language teaching methods, including new technologies in TESOL; ESL literacy; classroom management; materials development; textbook evaluation; adult ESL in the U.S.; curricular guidelines; English for Academic Purposes; TEFL/English for International Students.


Module 7: Lesson Planning
20 hours course work – 15% of total marking scheme

One of the most important parts of becoming a teacher is learning to master curriculum and lesson plan design and implementation. This Online TEFL TESOL Course covers lesson plans to use at all levels of teaching, from beginners through to advanced learners.


Module 8: Teaching the Skills
10 hours course work – 15% of total marking scheme

Includes the analysis, theory and practice of teaching listening; speaking; reading; writing; pronunciation; grammar within all levels and multi-level adult ESL classroom.


Module 9: Language Assessment

10 hours course work – 5% of total marking scheme

Includes principles of second-language testing; techniques and interpretation of second- language assessment of student progress and proficiency, including portfolios; consideration of standardized tests; classroom test development.


Module 10: Pronunciation and Linguistic Systems
10 hours course work – 15% of total marking scheme

Includes the sound system; segmentals and suprasegmentals (stress, rhythm, intonation); phonetic transcription; the influence of the first language on the acquisition of English; morphology. Lectures on fundamental principles are given with illustrations from English and from a broad spectrum of other languages. Practice in production and recognition of speech, sounds, and elementary analytic techniques are also covered.


Module 11: Pedagogical Grammar
10 hours course work – 15% of total marking scheme

Includes a comprehensive analysis of English grammar and covers the key problematic areas for second language learners. Several grammar tests will be taken as part of your program. The lectures will explain the grammar in terms that are applicable to the adult second-language classroom, and the tutorials will be devoted to a discussion of different approaches and teaching techniques in the classroom.


Module 12: Project Work
10 hours course work – 15% of total marking scheme

Includes lesson plans, material’s project, course book evaluation, and a language learner autobiography.


You can work through this Online TEFL TESOL Course as quickly as you wish.



Job Contacts Worldwide


Our graduates of the 120 Hour Online TEFL TESOL Course continually request job contacts worldwide or expert advice before a job interview. After you’ve graduated, you too can request employment contacts worldwide and practical advice, landing a job much faster! This addition to the TEFL training does not expire so you can email your interest in future job offers, expressing  your prefered teaching destination. Check our Facebook Page too for job offers.


Here are the steps to follow:

1: Submit your application for any of our Onsite TEFL courses or Online TEFL TESOL Course.

2: Once you obtain your online TEFL certification and official letter of recommendation, the job placement process begins! First, you will need to submit your updated Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter via email and specify your desired teaching location.

3: Upon receiving your request,  we review your request and C.V., we will confirm if you qualify or discuss alternative options. Bear in mind that each destination demands specific qualifications. Most prefer native-English speakers. Most schools require 120 hours of TEFL training. Feel free to ask for details.

4: You will then contact the different private schools, public schools, and language schools on your own. We will however, give you guidance on how to set up the interviews with the possible schools you want to be hired at. Interviews can be via Skype or phone call.

5: At the first stages of the hiring process, you will discuss the monthly or hourly salary and other mutual benefits. Some will even offer accommodation or at least advise on where to find lodging!

6: After you’ve signed the contract you’re happy with, your future employer will begin the process for your working permit.

7: Teach English at a Foreign Language!



Teach to Travel Academy or our Partner Schools do not guarantee a teaching position or placement to Online TEFL TESOL Course Graduates. The Job contacts you request will be emailed only when basic requirements are met. We are not acting as a recruiting or job agency; this additional service is solely for the purpose assisting you on your teaching career, leading you to find a job as quickly as possible.

So get started today!


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