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Meanigful Travel Info: United Kingdom


United Kingdom features unique cities such as London, Glasgow and Manchester.  The artistry scene shares one of the most creative and beautiful in the world, filled with engaging cities with lively music and fun nightlife.



Teaching English in United Kingdom


Lots of people from all over the world prefer to learn English in the U.K.; consequently, most of your students will be international students, as well as immigrants. Our experienced TEFL trainer in London holds an MA in TESOL and has a considerable number of years in teaching English experience in different settings.


The English language has conquered the financial-services sector, not to mention the computer industry, which uses English terms to refer to parts or certain functions. Often, foreign workers are required to not just have specific knowledge of their field, but also a high level of English communication skills. English has become important in many areas of our life.


Additionally, the demand for English teachers increases approaching summer time; lots of summer programs take place in London and throughout the U.K. every year. In addition to the summer jobs, there is a need for teachers to work in summer camps. The perfect time to apply for these temporary jobs is during spring. These positions will pay slightly better and can possibly lead to landing a long-term teaching position in London or elsewhere in the country.


Learn how to teach English in United Kingdom!

Meaningful Travel Info: USA


The United States is the third largest nation in the world and a pluricultural country, with a diverse and rich territory, that constitutes as one of the most interesting destinations for most travelers. San Francisco is one of the most attractive tourist locations in the United States, so plenty of tourists and international students visit there. There is a lot of work for English teachers as a result.


Teaching English in USA


As a graduate of our TEFL course in USA, you can find work in language schools, private schools, colleges and universities. Colleges and universities tend to hire language teachers as adjuncts. Most programs accept applications all year around, but teachers can expect to teach during the fall, spring and summer.


Language schools are selective and will expect all candidates to possess a university degree and TEFL or TESOL certificate in order to qualify for positions. Teachers working for language schools are generally paid an hourly rate. Teachers in colleges and universities can expect a monthly salary instead.


Learn how to teach English in USA!


Meaningful Travel Info: Turkey


Turkey is well known for its Middle-Eastern people, culture, and natural landscapes. This country has a number of various historic sites and archaeological wonders. It is a land of open spaces, mountains ranges, and beautiful landscapes.


Teaching English in Turkey


Teaching English in Turkey is certainly attractive. Teachers have the opportunity to explore ancient, historical mosques, discover bargains at huge bazaar markets, and enjoy delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. And they can visit nearby countries at a bargain due to their proximity to Turkey.

English teachers are in big demand in Turkey, and this demand is ever increasing. As the cost of living is rather low, and teachers make a decent salary, they can expect a comfortable life style.


International schools in Turkey offer excellent salary and benefits packages for certified, experienced teachers. You can find teaching jobs in Turkey from kindergarten to high school. Occasionally, teacher-support staff (guidance counselor, learning support) and administrative roles (principals, vice-principals, dean of faculty) is hired.


Learn how to teach English in Turkey!

Meaningful Travel Info: Spain


Spain is the third most visited country in the world, filled with various apportunities. The most famous places to visit are Siurana, Dalt Vila, La Alhambra and much more. Spain is a beautiful country, blessed with plenty of sunshine, spectacular beaches, a gorgeous countryside and cities with a long history.


Teaching English in Spain


Considering preparation time and travel to the classes (student’s office), you will, most likely, work 20 hours per week.  If your compensation is 14 euros/hour, your monthly paycheck will amount to approximately 1,100 euros—sufficient to live a moderate life in Spain. Although it will not allow you to fly home often, you can live in the city center, eat out regularly, go out on the weekend and take some weekend trips to other places in Spain.

As you continue living in Spain, you will learn how to get better deals with schools the second year around.  You can easily reach 1,500 euros/month, specially if you teach private lessons. If you can, look for “block hours” at a language school.  This means no commuting time or waiting around between classes.  These classes often entail teaching children.


Learn how to teach English in Spain!



Meaningful Travel Info: South Africa


South Africa´s tourism has multiplied over the past years, making it possible to enjoy an excellent reputation thanks to an active sector of new entrepreneurs. The country stands out in adventure tourism;  nature and wildlife, and is a pioneer and world leader in responsible travelers.


Teaching English in South Africa


Most TEFL job employers in South Africa prefer to hire people on the spot, so it’s usually best to do some research on the Internet, and arrive in the country armed with a copy of your TEFL certificate and a few resumes.
The top three teaching destinations in South Africa are Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. There is a growing number of language institutes in the cities across the country. While the majority of positions go to South Africans with native English skills, there are opportunities for foreign TEFL teachers too. As well as being one of the most pleasant African cities to live in, Cape Town is probably South Africa’s biggest TEFL job market. A growing number of the city’s institutes now employ teachers from overseas. Durban has South Africa’s largest port and is also a center for tourism. These factors combine to keep the TEFL jobs market relatively upbeat, and the opportunities for foreign teachers are on the rise. Johannesburg is home to the British Council’s South African office and has a growing number of language institutes and TEFL jobs.


Learn how to teach English in South Africa!

Meaningful Travel Info: Nigeria


Nigeria is one of the most developed countries in Africa since the discovery of oil in the 1960s, it is the most populated country in Africa with 161 million inhabitants. Its government is working hard to make the country one of the leading economies in the world. Offering free education to its citizens; however, many Nigerians do not take advantage of it. As a result, the government works hard on increasing school attendance.


Teaching English in Nigeria

There are many orphanages and non-profit organizations in Nigeria which are constantly looking for international volunteers to teach local children in need.  Since these teaching opportunities are done on a volunteer basis, organizations often only require volunteers to have a high school diploma, as well as the heart and patience to help some of the least fortunate citizens of Nigeria.


It is much easier to find a teaching position after taking our TEFL Course in Nigeria with a private educational institution because you don’t have to go through the application process of the Ministry of Education.  While the demands of different institutions may vary, most international teachers will be expected to teach English classes and possess a teaching credential such as the TEFL certificate.  Some teachers also teach privately as tutors to supplement their income.


Learn how to teach English in Nigeria!

Meaningful Travel Info: Mexico

teach English in MexicoThe capital, Mexico City, is one of the largest cities in the world and is also the center of the country’s culture; it is a fundamental link for communication, industry and transportation. Mexico’s closeness to the United States has been very significant in several areas including migration, economic trade and culture. 
Mexican culture branches from a cohesive mix of native and Spanish colonialism.


Teaching English in Mexico


Teaching opportunities abound in Mexico. As a fully certified individual, you can make up to $900 USD per month depending on your qualifications, such as additional teaching experience (not mandatory), and education level. Interaction is key and sharing the anecdotes of your culture is of great interest to the students!


The cost of living is fairly low, especially outside Mexico City. Under a teacher’s salary, you will be able to teach comfortably, specially if you share accommodations with other teachers.


Learn how to teach English in Mexico!

Meaningful Travel Info: France


France is one of the fastest growing and most culturally diverse countries in Europe. It is also the number one most visited country in the world with more than 83 million tourists per year. Its landscape is very diverse, with alpine mountains to the east and the south.



Teaching English in France


If you’re interested in the French culture and know French to some extent, teaching English in France can be a great way to make a living. You need to do some homework before embarking on your adventure. It’ll take some effort, but it’s very possible to make this your lifelong career and one of the most wonderful experiences in your life. And the good news is that, apart from Paris and some Mediterranean locations, most of France is still FAR from being overrun by TEFL teachers. English teaching jobs are available everywhere!


Learn how to teach English in France!


Meaningful Travel Info: Colombia


Colombia is a country characterized not only by its natural diversity, but also by its natural resources, different landscapes, and multiculturalism.


This country is the result of a union of  many cultures since Colombia’s conquest, so the traditions in the regions are represented in the many dialects, dances, colors, sounds and flavors.


Teaching English in Colombia


English teaching jobs are relatively easy to find in Colombia, if English is your native tongue, and you have a TEFL certificate. The Colombian government has recently legislated that all university graduates must have studied some formal English lessons so EFL teachers are on demand!


Everyone dreams of getting a job by the beautiful Caribbean, while sipping Piña Coladas in a hammock under a beach palm on the weekends. For some, this is a reality! One of the main benefits of living in Colombia is the low cost of living. And what’s more, it’s a low cost of living in a country that offers many of the first-world amenities and infrastructure that you’d expect in a much more expensive location.


Learn how to teach English in Colombia!

teach English in ChinaMeaningful Travel Info: China


China, is one of the world’s oldest, most intricate, and fascinating countries. Many of the world’s most advanced inventions came from China, notably paper, printing, silk, the abacus, and the compass. Places to see and things to do in the nation vary as much as the climate, depending on what one is most interested in. The best times of year to visit are in spring and fall.


Teaching English in China


Opportunities to teach English in China are almost as diverse as the country itself. Different types of schools and different parts of the country can provide totally unique experiences.


Teaching abroad in China opportunities include Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary school, Middle school, High school, Universities and adults. Not to mention demand for freelance and hourly lessons. A new trend is also online teaching, which grants the flexibility to work with learners across the country with tight schedules.


Taking our TEFL course in Shanghai will ensure you a well-compensated position (even for beginners) based on your experience and qualifications. Almost all teaching contracts in China are between 1 and 2 years long. As the education market is maturing and the salaries are rising, schools do not want fly by night teachers that will leave their students hanging after a few months. China spans over 1,700 miles North to South connecting Harbin in Heilongjiang province (home of the famous Harbin ice festival) to Hong Kong with its humid subtropical climate, China’s cities have a lot of individual character and the local people take a lot of pride in this diversity. Not only are the attractions in the cities different but also the local culture and language.


Learn how to teach English in China!

Meaningful Travel Info: Canada


Canada is known worldwide for its crystalline lakes and its towering mountains, remains of the Ice Age that covered the lands with a mantle of Continental ice. It is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Also, Canada is an industrial and technologically pioneering and advanced nation. A multi-racial country, with almost 40% of the population dating back its cultural roots to Britain. 27% are descendants of Frace who live mostly in the Quebec region.



Teaching English in Canada


With Canada turning increasingly multicultural, there are countless opportunities for trained professionals in Canada, in both the public and private sectors. Teaching is a great way get immersed in new cultures and to meet new people. If you plan to stay in Canada, there are many teaching opportunities for qualified professionals, specially native English speakers. All major cities in Canada have long been a destination for immigrants. While many know several languages, many of these immigrants need to improve their language skills in English..

Learn how to teach English in Canada!

Meaningful Travel Info: Brazil


Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America; it’s famous for its many traditions like football (soccer) and annual Carnivals. There is plenty to see and do in Brazil from the Amazon rainforest to the amazing lifestyle of the country.


Teaching English in Brazil


Teaching abroad in Brazil opportunities which include Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary school, Middle school, High school, Universities and adults.


Private tutoring is quite common in Brazil, as the EFL teacher can be flexible with teaching hours and can earn substantially above normally low teaching wages. EFL teachers can receive an average of approximately R$25 – 50/hour for private tutoring. Many businesses hire in-house private English language instructors to teach their employees. Classes are normally scheduled before and after business hours and during the lunch break so as to keep from interfering with job-related duties. Networking through relationships in a business setting is a great way to grow one’s private tutoring clientele.


Learn how to teach English in Brazil!

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