TEFL Course in Spain

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program in Barcelona


Duration: 4 Weeks Onsite
Hours: 190 hours
Regular Course Tuition: $1,645 USD
Reserve with a Deposit of: $450 USD (Deducted from Total Tuition)


Why take your TEFL Course in Spain?
Job assistance to teach English in Spain and employment contacts worldwide! Spain is a beautiful country, blessed with plenty of sunshine, spectacular beaches, a gorgeous countryside and cities with a long history. It is no wonder why so many people fall in love with Spain! Our TEFL Course in Spain includes hands-on job placement assistance from the local staff in Spain, in addition to worldwide job guidance and expert advice from our team.


Study in Barcelona
Barcelona is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain. It is also home to around 4.8 million people, making it the sixth most populous urban area in the European Union. Our TEFL School in Spain is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, with a metro stop conveniently located nearby, in addition to a bus service nearby. The famous ‘Sagrada Familia’ by Gaudi is just a few blocks away and can be seen from the school!  Our TEFL Course in Spain is fun and at the same time very demanding; it requires that you meet the full-time tasks of a rigorous university-level course. What’s more, Spain is one of the most popular locations in Europe for teaching English abroad!


Accredited TEFL Program
To ensure that our TEFL certification in Barcelona meets international standards in quality and deliverance, this curriculum has been externally monitored and approved for accreditation by TQUK (Training Qualifications UK), an officially recognized Awarding Organization regulated by Ofqual, the British Government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom. Our TEFL Course in Spain is externally monitored & approved at a Level 5 Ofqual accreditation by TQUK, which is a leader in providing vocational and professional qualifications to colleges and private training providers in Education & Training, Social Care, and Health. Regulated by Ofqual, TQUK has the official recognition and authorization from the British Government to be a provider of accreditation and perform quality assurance for professional training and certification programs. Equally important, our TEFL Course curriculum in Barcelona also meets international requirements, which are a minimum of 100 hours of academic work and 6 hours minimum of real teaching practicum (trainees teaching & observation) to be categorized as a professional level TEFL certification.


Course Content
190-Hour On-Site Certification
Our 4-week, accredited TEFL Course in Spain, is composed of 180 hours of coursework plus 10 hours of practicum. This is an intensive, full-time university-level course. During the training, there are daily study sessions, in which you learn EFL teaching methodology, classroom management and interesting grammar classes. A major part of the program is spent on preparing classes, teaching, and evaluating EFL students. Your practices consist of teaching real students, whether locals or immigrants to the region. We have up to 12 TEFL trainees, so you will have personalized attention throughout the TEFL program in Barcelona, taught by highly experienced, university-level instructors.


2019 Course Dates
July 1 – July 26
August 5 – August 30
September 9 – October 4
October 14 – November 8
November 18 – December 13


Included features within Total Course Fee:

  • 4 week TEFL Program of 190 hours total.
  • Accredited and Internationally Recognized Certificate and Letter of Recommendation.
  • Job contacts in Spain, worldwide + Lifelong Career Guidance.
  • All course materials, stationery supplies, printing and photocopying.
  • Free wireless internet at school.
  • Pre-course grammar module.
  • Job search guidance workshops.
  • 350-page ESL job search manual.
  • ESL School Directory (approx. 8,000 schools worldwide) AND
  • Graduation celebration!

4-Week Onsite Course Content

TEFL Course in Spain


Our Teaching English as a Foreign Language course in Barcelona not only provides a fantastic opportunity to earn your TEFL/TESOL Certification in a great foreign location, but also provides an excellent inside track on the local job market in Spain. This 190-hour course features a combination of academic instruction, role playing and hands-on teaching with local students. Classes are typically held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. with homework and/or student teaching in the evenings. This is a full time commitment; no other part time work can be fit in during a 4 week course. Weekends are open for exploring the city and surrounding areas. Social gatherings and cultural activities can be arranged.


Our highly experienced TEFL professors have designed a modern and practical curriculum, which includes comprehensive skill sets required to succeed as a professional English teacher. The TEFL Course in Spain incorporates a live practicum with real ESL students to provide all trainees extensive hands-on experience in an actual teaching environment.


Course Components:
The TEFL Program in Barcelona is comprised of 3 main components that ensure the trainees’ success as professional English language teachers: Teaching Methodology, Language Acquisition, Student Teaching Practicum.


Teaching Methodology. These are skills essential to each teacher, and they include:
Basic principles of teaching
Classroom management
Personality and language assessments
Curriculum development
Lesson planning
Error Correction
Language Awareness


Language Acquisition. The five components of language learning are:
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Grammar.
Phonetics and linguistic analogy are also thoroughly covered in the course.

Also included in the course curriculum:
Teaching different group classes: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced
Private Tutoring
Use of Visual & Audio Aids
Conversational English
Teaching Business English


Important: Due to the high popularity of our TEFL Course in Spain, we advise to sign up preferably 3 months in advance from your desired starting date.

The Job Market in Barcelona represents one of the stronger job markets in Europe. This state-of-the-art TEFL course in Barcelona not only provides expert-led training in Barcelona and a recognized qualification, but personalized job placement assistance for finding jobs specifically for teaching English in Spain and around the globe. We are committed in helping you find a teaching job whether in Spain or abroad.


English teachers in Spain typically find work faster during September or early October, and then again in January. Teachers in Spain will be expected to interview in person once they arrive in Spain, and they will also be responsible for their airfare, as well as housing.


Teaching Salary in Spain
A solid hourly wage enables English teachers in Spain to live a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Schools in Spain typically offer 20-25 hours per week of work, leaving you plenty of opportunities to travel and explore. Please note that while a Bachelor’s Degree is not required to secure a job in this country, it can still be strongly preferred by employers. If you do not have a degree, you should be prepared for a more competitive job search. Major cities for English teaching jobs in Spain are Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia.


Generally speaking, teachers make between €1,150 – €1,400 EUR per month, if working at least 25 hours/week and also depending on qualifications. Although prior teaching experience or a background in Education is not required to teach in Spain.

Average teaching hours per week range from 20-30 hours not including preparation time.
The monthly Cost of Living in Barcelona ranges from $1,050 – 1,850 USD (€850 – 1,500 EUR). We recommend bringing $2,000-$3,000 USD with you to comfortably get settled.


Our expert Job Search Advisors are available to speak with you and correspond by email to address all of your questions and to assist you with every aspect of your job search from the start of the TEFL Course in Spain. From writing your resume/CV and cover letter, coaching you on the interview process in different markets, to helping you assess which destinations might be the best fit for you, we are here to help!


Moreover, we feature detailed video webinars on the job process: We provide live and taped webinar workshops on: the process of resume/cover letter & interviewing, continent specific talks for job hiring processes in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East.


ESL Job Search Manual:
All of our graduates receive a 400-page manual containing all relevant information for major job markets around the world, including hiring seasons, academic standards, and the interview process for teaching English abroad. Templates for successful resumes and cover letters are also included. This manual incorporates extensive listings of online resources, including more than 100 ESL international job boards, in addition to individual “How-to-Guides” for getting job individual countries around the world.
ESL worldwide school directory: We will send you a directory of over 20,000 schools worldwide that you can contact directly regarding employment opportunities.


After you graduate from the TEFL Course in Spain, you can request referrals to preferred recruiters, placement agencies and language schools: we enjoy a strong relationship with schools, recruiters and placement agencies throughout the world. Additionally, you will be entitled to professional job assistance to successfully connect with potential employers: Our onsite staff will arrange interviews or provide local contacts for your job search both during and after the training course. Types of Students include Business professionals, Private students, Children in Summer Camps, School children in public schools.

Private Lessons: If you only plan on teaching private lessons, you will take some time to build up a clientele, so it’s recommended that you save up 2-3 months’ worth of living expenses before arriving in Spain (about $3,600 – $4,500 USD).

Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade fair and cultural centres, and its influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities. Founded as a Roman city in the Middle Ages, Barcelona became the capital of the County of Barcelona. After merging with the Kingdom of Aragon, Barcelona continued to be an important city in the Crown of Aragon as an economic and administrative centre of this Crown and the capital of the Principality of Catalonia. Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and is today an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination.


Particularly renowned landmarks are the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Places to visit in Barcelona include ‘Sagrada Família’, Gaudí-designed landmark church, Park Güell, Park with Gaudi’s sculptural buildings, La Rambla, the cultural hub for shopping and sights, and Casa Milà, one of Gaudi’s masterpieces.


Barcelona has a vibrant food scene, a plethora of unique historic architecture, great Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches, and arguably the best nightlife in Europe. It is an enchanting seaside city with boundless culture, fabled architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene. With its cosmopolitan feel, relaxed pace of life, breathtaking architecture, fantastic gastronomy, and unbeatable climate, it really is the city that has everything.


Beaches are constantly rated as the best in the world, so it’s no surprise that the beach plays a huge role in the city’s identity. It’s easy to see why people love living in Barcelona and that joy is in the air. There is always something going on, and you’ll constantly see people outside in the streets, parks, and cafes enjoying life. Watch out, it’s contagious! Nightlife is one of the main reasons people flock to Barcelona. The night doesn’t get started until about 10 pm, and you’ll find people eating in restaurants until well after midnight and partying all night.


The city was ranked Europe’s third and one of the world’s most successful as a city brand. In the same year the city was ranked Europe’s fourth best city for business and fastest improving European city, with growth improved by 17% per year, and the city has been experiencing strong and renewed growth for the past three years. It is undoubtedly a beautiful city, and it hosts some of the most impressive architecture in all of Europe. Simply walking/getting lost in its charming medieval streets is a pleasure that you’ll love.


A must visit: Madrid!
If there is a city of contrast, this is Madrid! The old and the new here create a beautiful, creative, inspirational and vivid mix that is the spirit of this city. Narrow cobbled lanes, grand palaces and modern skyscrapers coexist in harmony. In Madrid you can discover the genius of Spanish masters at the Museo Nacional del Prado, enjoy one of Europe’s hottest live music scenes, and indulge in classic Spanish cuisine in the city’s world-class restaurants and Tapas bars. Madrid is also the largest job market by far for teaching English in Spain.


Barcelona has an excellent public transport network. Buy a T10 pass from any ticket machine to get ten one-way trips for $11. Alternatively, if you buy individual single tickets, they will cost $2.30. The passes are valid on all metros, buses, trains and trams operated by TMB, Renfe and FGC. Taxis in Barcelona are also cheap, hassle-free and easy to find.


Barcelona has mild winters and warm summers. In the winter, you can expect temperatures to be in the mid-50s; in the summer, temps stay around the low-80s. This means that Barcelona’s citizens spend a lot of time outdoors in the city’s many parks, squares, beaches, and outdoor cafes. August is the hottest month, with an average high of 74°F (24°C). January is the coldest month, with an average high of 49°F (10°C).


During your time off the TEFL Course in Spain, we suggest buying the BUS TURÍSTIC from 30,00 €, Barcelona’s most interesting sights with just one ticket!

Most students will opt to rent a room in a shared apartment with 2-3 other TEFL students, which will be coordinated by the school staff as soon as you submit your booking fee. The apartments are all in the Eixample district of Barcelona and will be no more than a 20 minute bus ride from the school. Upon enrollment, you will be put in touch with the Onsite Course Cooordinator who can assist you to arrange your accommodations. Accommodation options can be within walking distance of the school or well connected by public transportation — your accommodations will never be more than a 20-minute bus ride from the school.


The cost for renting the apartment for the 4-week duration of the program is approximately €450 EUR (~$475 USD).


There is Wifi in the accomodations. Nevertheless, the student apartments don’t not provide telephones and phone service is generally not available. There are many internet cafés located around the corner from the school for internet access. You may buy or rent a cellphone in Barcelona.


Many of our students prefer to use Airbnb (visit https://www.airbnb.com) to arrange their own accommodation while taking the course. You can find housing in apartments, hostels, or single rooms at very affordable prices. The benefits of using this App is that you get to see different photos, read reviews of the place, a map to see the distance from the school, and you can talk to the owner directly. Simply request your $35 USD Aribnb coupon when you fill out  your application!


Do I need a visa to take the TEFL course in Spain?
You do not need a student visa to take the course in Barcelona. A tourist passport/ visa is sufficient, as it usually allows you to stay in the country for 90 days depending on your country of citizenship. Check here if your passport would grant you access to Spain with no Visa. 


What are the requirements to teach English in Spain?
TEFL Certification is typically required as schools and language institutes want to hire teachers who have received proper training. An accredited TEFL Certification is a common requirement to teach English online as well. You don’t need to possess a degree in education, prior teaching experience, or even a college degree to get paid to teach English abroad. Private language schools abroad want to hire people who have received a certain degree of professional level training. Internationally recognized standards hold that professional-level TEFL certification must meet certain standards established by leading bodies in the field.


Will I have a lot of free time to see Barcelona?
Because of the intense nature of the schedule, you should plan to do any sightseeing either before or after your TEFL Course in Spain finishes.  Class Assignments Include: Lesson plans, reflections, essays, quizzes, written assignments, etc. You should plan on spending an extra 2 to 3 hours every night, plus 6-8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays on these assignments. In addition to these assignments, you will also need to plan your lessons during the week.


What do I need to bring on the first day of class?
Students should plan on bringing with them the following items on the first day of class: Course Book, Pre-Course Tasks, Notebook, Laptop, and pens.


Will grammar be taught during the course? Are there additional resources in the course materials?
Yes, grammar is taught during the TEFL Course in Spain; however, students are required to review main grammar points before starting the course. More time is spent in class on how to teach grammar than going over grammar points with TEFL Trainees, who are required to complete the Pre-Course Grammar Module before the first day of class but should also do their own further review of grammar. Although not necessary, if you are interested in purchasing a grammar book to use throughout the course, a few different options are listed below:


  • Fundamentals of English Grammar, 3rd Edition by: Betty Schrampfer Azar.
  • Practical English Usage by: Michael Swan.
  • A Practical English Grammar by: Thomson and Martinet.
  • How to Teach Grammar by: Scott Thornbury


Can I buy the textbook in Barcelona?
No, students are required to purchase one of the following versions of the textbook at least one month before starting the TEFL Course in Spain:

  • Paperback Version – The Fundamentals of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  • PDF Version – The Fundamentals of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Is the TEFL Course in Spain accredited?
Yes! Our TEFL program in Barcelona is internationally accredited by the TQUK. We adhere to world-wide ethical and professional standards.


Are there any specific technology requirements for the course?

  • Laptop – You are required to bring a laptop with a long battery life (at least 4 hours). Tablets, Chromebooks, and mobile devices cannot be used in place of a computer.
  • Flash Drive – You will need a flash drive that is compatible with his or her computer.
  • Word Processing Software – You should have a reliable word processing system on their computer such as Microsoft Word.
  • Adobe Acrobat – You will be required to submit assignments as PDFs. Most computers already have the capability of saving documents as such.
  • Google Drive – You will need to know how to use the basics of Google drive. If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive, check out this quick tutorial. Many others can be found on YouTube.


How can I prepare for the course?  
You should plan on reviewing grammar prior to the start of the TEFL Course in Spain. Should you need to consult anything, these websites have good section on English grammar:


What should I pack? What do I need to do before I leave?
For those of you who have never been outside of your own country before, you may be wondering how to pack. Pack light! Unless you intend to stay on in Europe indefinitely or travel elsewhere directly after the course ends, do yourself a favor and pack only the essentials. If you don’t need it, don’t bring it. In terms of adjusting to your new home in Barcelona, on arrival and throughout the course, we will give you information on getting a phone, opening a bank account, gyms, where to get materials, places to eat, etc. So don’t worry.


Which Barcelona City Guides do you recommend?
These pages are great!


How many hours will I be spending in class and on course work during the course? Will I have a lot of free time to see Barcelona?
Class Hours: Students should plan on spending 50 – 55 hours per week (at minimum) on the course. Class hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. or 21:00 p.m. with breaks throughout the day and a one-hour break for lunch.

10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., trainees are in class with a trainer for the course material input sessions.
1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., lunch time!
2:30 p.m. onwards depends on whether you are doing your teaching practice or not. If you are teaching, then you would do the following timetable:
3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., lesson planning. Here, you would be sitting with a trainer to talk through your (already prepared) lesson plan.
4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., two trainees will do their teaching practice.
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. students will receive their feedback from their instructor regarding their teaching practice.


Some days, teaching practice starts at 7:00 p.m. If you are teaching this time slot, the schedule is:
3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., lesson planning. Here, you would be sitting with a trainer to talk through your (already prepared) lesson plan.
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., two students do their teaching practice.

Students will receive their feedback from their instructor regarding their teaching practice the following day. Each student will be required to be here a minimum of 8 nights total until 7:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. either student teaching or working on their final course assignment.


Is it easy to get a Work Visa in Spain?

If you are citizen of the EU, you can easily work in Spain.  It will take more time to find working visa assistance if you are an American citizen,  Australian or any other non-EU country resident.  If you are an American with family living in a European country, you may even be eligible to apply for the Spanish citizenship.  Find out more at your local Spanish Consulate.  Other than that, you have to find a school that will be willing to apply for a work visa for you.


Is Vacation paid?
The usual teaching season only lasts from mid-September until late June. For the rest of the year, you may be unemployed, unless you are willing to work in a summer camp for children in July and August or teach privately. This also applies for Easter and Christmas breaks.


What are some places to visit outside of Barcelona while taking my TEFL Course in Spain?

Azca Area: Located in one of the most modern areas of Madrid, next to the Paseo de la Castellana and near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Azca is an area filled with a multitude of nightclubs and pubs. The most notable places here are the Orense Street with its Salsa atmosphere and Avenida de Brasil, with its large nightclub where many people meet and dance until early morning.

Paseo del Prado:  The walk through a beautiful botanical garden.

Museo Reina Sofia: It’s a contemporary art museum. During your “free” time, visit Picasso’s masterpiece, “Guernica”. (The MOMA in New York is still mourning for having to turn this work over to Spain per Picasso’s instructions).

Palacio Real: It’s a beautiful palace with extraordinary rooms in which the Spanish Royal family lived until 1931.

Prado Museum: The Museo del Prado is the main Spanish national art museum, located in central Madrid.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at info@tefl-programs.com.


Book your course today!

By attending this TEFL course in Spain, you will receive so much more than a TEFL Certificate and job contacts in Spain, you will get priceless experiences! Your classmates will be an eclectic mix of people of all ages and professions, from all over the world, creating unforgettable friendships and enjoying the endless charm and entertainment of Barcelona.

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