TEFL Course in Prague

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program in Czech Republic


Duration: 4 Weeks Onsite
Hours: 130 Hours
Regular TEFL Course Tuition: €1,150 EUR ($1,350 USD)
Reserve with a Deposit of: €288 EUR ($329 USD), deducted from Total Tuition


Why take your TEFL Course in Czech Republic?

· Qualified language teachers in Prague are at a high demand! Prague has an active, healthy TEFL industry with a multitude of language schools, both large and small as well as primary schools, high schools and universities, offering language teaching employment for qualified candidates.
· Extensive job guidance and interview preparation. Trainers and directors of studies of our TEFL course in Prague offer 3 course hours dedicated to job guidance and helping successful trainees in find TEFL employment in addition to individualized employment counseling sessions.
· Our TEFL course in Prague takes place on the same campus of an operating language school, where trainees will have the chance to mix with in-service teachers, comparing notes and talking to them about what the TEFL world in Prague is really like.
· Smaller class size assures lots of individual attention for all trainees and personalized trainer support.
· Our very experienced trainers with an average of 10 years teaching and training experience are all in-service teachers themselves and have worked for dozens of schools around the globe.
· Observed teaching practice with 3 different levels of adult classes
· The unique opportunity to add 4 sessions of observed Young Learners teaching practice as part of the TEFL course in Prague. Young Learners is one of the industry’s fastest growing, highest demand areas and this first-hand experience makes our candidates even more marketable in a competitive professional marketplace.
· Highly professional job guidance and many school contacts to our partner language schools in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Study in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic’s famous capital is not the only jewel in her crown. Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is so rich with history and culture that walking through you can almost taste it. Whether your inklings tend toward medieval pageantry or early 20th century Cubism; there is something for every palate in this amazing city. The Majestic Prague castle and imposing Saint Vitus Cathedral, dominating the impressive Prague skyline, lend a fairy-tale air to this charming architectural oasis on the Vltava. Not to mention the allure of quaint cobblestone streets with their plethora of cafes and pubs with fine local beer and wine just waiting to be sampled. Prague is a true city of culture with fascinating museums, galleries, theatres, night clubs and opera houses galore. The nation’s capital and largest city, Prague regularly hosts prestigious exhibitions, concerts of every type imaginable from steam punk to Dvorak and both international and local festivals of music, art, theatre, food and drink of every proportion. Add to this a dozen world-heritage sites including Karlstejn Castle, the story-book town of Cesky Krumlov, and the lovely Bohemian spa town of Karlovy Vary (home to the annual International Film Festival); all a mere day trip from Prague and easily accessible via public transport. For lovers of more natural pursuits, areas like the Sumava Mountains and Krkonose National Park provide great hiking and biking in the summer and alpine and cross-country skiing in winter.


Accredited TEFL Program
The TEFL Course in Prague is accredited by Fort Hays State University from Kansas, USA, which validates that our 4-week certificate course meets all the generally required international standards by schools areound the world, as well as those set down by the Fort Hays ESL Program. Certificate holders of this program are eligible for college credit toward the Fort Hays TESOL MA program. Fort Hays State University provides ongoing validation to our TEFL Course in Prague, through continued moderation of the academic program on an annual basis. Fort Hays State University itself, is tegionally accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Higher Learning Commission, based in Chicago, USA. It is also member of Association of American Colleges and Universities.


Course Content

The TEFL Course in Prague meets or exceeds all international standards, comprising 130 hours of classroom study in Teaching English as a Foreign Language methodology, language awareness and job guidance input sessions, including observed lesson planning and teaching practice and trainer/trainee feedback. Within the program, you will conduct over 6 hours of supervised real teaching practice of young learners as well as pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced level adult classes. The course content has been developed and refined over many years with input from experienced teachers and experts from around the world. We combine the insights from modern theories of language acquisition with the tried and tested approaches and techniques used by experienced teachers. You will learn to teach within a framework, which is clear enough to guide you for your early lessons, and flexible enough to guide your development and creativity, as you gain experience during your teaching career. Our teaching and training philosophy is learner-centred, practical and active. We believe that teaching a language is not a matter of transmitting facts but rather of allowing students to learn experientially. The same is true for training teachers; learning to teach in this way is challenging but rewarding. While preparing you for the classroom, your work during the program will develop your skills of leadership, creativity, teamwork and self-reflection.


2019 Course Dates
July 8 – August 2
August 12 – September 6 
September 16 – October 11 
November 25 – December 20


Included features within Total Course Fee:

· 4 week TEFL training of 130 hours.
· 1st day of the course: Welcome dinner and welcome breakfast.
· Guaranteed Job Placement* (See requirements).
· Accredited and internationally recognized TEFL certificate.
· Lifelong career guidance worldwide.
· 50-hour specialised online course (Business English or Teaching Young Learners)
· Guided tour of Prague on Sunday before the course begins.
· Visa agency presentation.
· Free language Lessons.
· Free coffee and tea.
· Free accommodation placement.
· Supplementary course materials, stationery supplies, printing and photocopying.
· Unlimited Access to extensive TEFL library, staff room, school library (5,000 textbooks) and computers.
· Free wireless internet service in the school.
· Graduation celebration!

Job Guarantee in Prague and Job Guidance Worldwide

TEFL Course in pragueEligible candidates for the Guaranteed Job Placement in Prague must have:
· Satisfactorily completed all required coursework .
· Taught all teaching practice lessons and received an average 80 percent pass rate.
· Received a 75 percent or higher grade on the final language awareness exam.
· Completed and submitted on time all written assignments and received a passing grade.
· 100 percent attendance, or in extenuating circumstances such as illness, make-up assignments have been completed and submitted in lieu of sessions missed.
· Demonstrated professional and responsible conduct as well as respect for trainers, students and peers throughout the duration of the course.
· Professional and responsible conduct and respect for trainers, students and peers has been displayed throughout the duration of the course.
· Received the recommendation for employment by the lead trainer.
· Since this kind of language teaching is quite autonomous, trainees need to show that they are self-motivated, organized and can work independently or at least with minimal employer input once they have completed the course.

As we are attached to a long-established Prague language school with a solid reputation for quality, we have professional connections through various partner schools and expertise to place successful graduates in language schools in the area. Teachers with ESP experience i.e. business or finance degrees or experience, IT and technical degrees and experience, legal and medical experience are highly sought after!

It is important to clarify that graduates of the TEFL Course in Prague do not necessarily need to be native speakers to qualify for the job placement, but although the TEFL industry in the Czech Republic (and Europe generally) is thriving and there is a lot of teaching work to be had, it is very competitive and standards are quite high. It is recommended that non-native English speakers be able to prove their English proficiency (ideally by having an internationally recognized certificate e.e. CAE, CPE, IELTS or TOEFL scores at C1 level or above) and have a university degree in any subject. In the case of non-native English speakers, it is mainly to insure that we can best guide them in finding a job after their graduation.

Additionally, through the Job Offer program, you will be introduced to different private, public and language schools around the world, and we will assist you in the whole process.


Not included in the course price:

Work Visa Assistance: The administrative staff will issue your legal working permit, for which there are extra fees involved to pay for additional services, not related to the TEFL training itself, such as: the embassy trip to file your paperwork, preparing the paperwork, etc.
This long-term visa assistance is approx. 7300 CZK, which is 350 USD. It does not include the cost of translations and visa documents themselves (proof of accomodation, health insurance, trade licence), administrative fees of the authorities and shipping (if necessary). We also help graduates get the trade licence, which costs around 6000 CZK, approx. $290 USD.



Language awareness and skills-based lessons
12 X 90 min. sessions in total

Includes sessions on:
· Tense and Aspect
· Meaning, Form and Use
· Future forms
· Conditionals
· Functional Language
· Modality
· Receptive and productive skills


Lesson planning and teaching methodology
17 x 90 min. sessions

Includes sessions on:
· Introduction to lesson planning design
· Lesson stages and aims
· Classroom management
· Error correction
· Learner Motivation and Learning Styles
· Presenting grammar and vocabulary
· Teaching mixed levels and one on one lessons
· Warmers and icebreakers
· Teaching beginners and low levels
· Alternative teaching methods
· Needs analysis
· ELT testing and evaluation


3 x 90 min. sessions

Includes sessions on:
· The sounds of English and intro to phonemic script
· English stress, rhythm and intonation
· Teaching pronunciation


Teaching ESP and specialized English
2 x 90 min. sessions

Includes sessions on:
· Teaching business English and ESP and EAP


An unknown foreign language experience
2 x 90 min sessions
+ 2500-word written assignment (language depends on intakes previous experience e.g. Japanese, Czech, Farsi etc.)


Teaching young learners
1 x 90 min. sessions

Included topics:
· Warmers and icebreakers
· Classroom management and discipline
· Presenting activities


Language awareness mock and final exam
2 x 90 min sessions + feedback


Professional development, job guidance and mock interviews
3 x 90 min sessions + feedback


Observation and team teaching
15 x 90 min. followed by 15 x 60 min feedback


· Pre-course assignment
· Unknown foreign language journal 2500 words
· Learner profile assignment 2500 words
· Authentic materials assignment 2500 words
· Teaching practice portfolio

· Lesson plans
· Feedback and self-assessment forms for 4 weeks of teaching
· Authentic or created materials


Our training team is composed of an international group of professionally qualified trainers with a diverse range of experience and specializations. Our lead trainer and career placement advisor, Miss Thompson holder of CELTA and DELTA qualifications, originally hails from NH, USA and has been a full-time TEFL teacher since 1996. She has been a TEFL trainer since 2010 and has taught in the US, Japan, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. She is also a Director of Studies and recruiter for Threshold Training Associates, Prague.

teach English in Prague

Some teachers in the Czech Republic work as independent contractors on business licences, working for a couple of schools and doing some private teaching as well. There is quite a lot of in-company general and business English, as well as international exam preparation, Teaching Young Learners classes and Teaching Young Learners conversation clubs and summer schools.


A full-time schedule is 26+ teaching hours. The teaching day usually starts around 8 am until about 7 pm with a couple hours afternoon break in between.


The average salary is between 22,000 CZK (about 1,000 USD) for starting teachers and 28,000 CZK (about 1,300 US). Salaries vary according to your teaching experience, number of hours you teach and what kind of institutions you work for. The cost of living is relatively low with food and drink being quite reasonable but electronics and clothing being a bit more expensive than in the US etc. Rents average between 6,000 CZK (270 US) and 12,000 CZK (550 USD) depending on location. Public transport is excellent and reasonable with a year-long unlimited pass costing just under 4,000 CZK (about 180 USD).

Accommodation varies according to type between $230 – $470 USD. You can choose any of the following:

  • School‘s apartment, shared with 2- 4 trainees.
  • Student‘s dormitories.
  • Homestays.
  • Airbnb.

Most of our students use Airbnb (visit https://www.airbnb.com) to arrange their own accommodation while taking the course. You can find housing in apartments, hostels, or single rooms at very affordable prices. The benefits of using this App is that you get to see different photos, read reviews of the place, a map to see the distance from the school, and you can talk to the owner directly.

Is the TEFL certificate really ‘internationally recognised’?
Yes, although every TEFL course will claim this and you may want to ask yourself what it means. Generally, the international standard for initial certificate courses is that they have at least 120 hours classroom time and a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice with real language learners. We meet or exceed all normal specifications (e.g. we are the only TEFL program in Prague that provides teaching practice with young learners). There is also the question of how well-known and respected the certificate is. The certificate we award is one of the best-known and most respected in the field with externally moderated centres in about 20 countries. This means that you can be sure that wherever you go, your TEFL International certificate will be well regarded.


Do I need a visa to enter the Czech Republic?
All visitors to the Czech Republic are required to carry a passport valid for at least six months after arrival date. Visitors to the Czech Republic from North America, Australia and New Zealand can stay in the Czech Republic for a maximum of 90 days on a tourist visa, which is automatically issued on arrival at the airport. Visitors from EU countries do not require a visa. Citizens from all other countries should contact their local consulate to obtain current travel regulations. As this information is subject to change at any time, we advise everyone to contact your local consulate for current travel regulations prior to planning your trip.


Can you arrange accommodation for the duration of the course?
Yes. We work with selected local landlords so that we can provide you with decent quality accommodation at a reasonable price. Please see our page on accommodation for more details. We can arrange a taxi pick-up at the airport on your arrival that will take you directly to your flat.


Do you offer Free language Lessons?
Yes! There is an unknown foreign language module to the course but as we do train Czech native teachers as well, therefore, the free language lessons are often NOT in Czech. The course is quite intensive and as such there is no space in the timetable for additional Czech lessons. However, this being a European capital, English is very widely spoken in shops, restaurants and train and bus stations etc. so the trainees should have minimal troubles getting around and getting their needs met.


What about transportation within the city?
The easiest ways to make your way around Prague are on foot or by public transport. The metro and public bus system is very efficient and inexpensive. Taxis have a reputation for over-charging foreigners. You should therefore be especially careful when taking a taxi from the street in a prime tourist area like Mala Strana or the Old Town. Most taxi drivers speak some English and you should agree a price before you get in the car.


Is there an Unlimited Public Transit Pass?
When you come to a new city it is always a question what is the cheapest way to travel with the public transport. Every city has its own system, zones, tariffs, tickets and all the information is usually written in the language of the home country. We are offering you assistance when buying a month ticket in advance. You don’t have to organize it on your own, check and compare the prices, hunt for the information. In case you are interested also in the airport pick up and you are accommodated in our shared flat, we give you the ticket directly at the airport. Other students get an advice what ticket to buy for their first travel to school and during the first day they get the month ticket as well.


Is the course externally moderated and accredited?
Yes. The TEFL course we offer is externally moderated to ensure that we maintain the industry’s high standards.


What about health and medical insurance?
The Czech healthcare system is based on the European system, financed predominately by public means. Czech doctors provide the same standard of care as their counterparts in Western European countries. Visitors from other EU states should obtain a European Health Insurance Card before coming to the Czech Republic. UK residents can apply for the card at www.dh.gov.uk/travellers – the card is issued free of charge. Citizens of countries outside of the EU should take out health insurance before leaving home. If you fail to do so, you will be liable to pay for the full cost of treatment at the point of delivery. Insurance coverage is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.


How do I get to Prague?
Vaclav Havel Airport – Prague has direct flights from Europe and North America. The airport is situated right outside of the city. Prague is also well connected to all other major European cities by bus and rail links and has an excellent public transportation system.


Is there a Social Program within the TEFL course?
Indeed, the Social Program is always tailored to the expectations of every group. We organize:
Weekend day-trips to popular sightseeing spots close to Prague e.g. Karlstejn Castle, Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora, Pub nights, Indoor or outdoor concerts, Visits to local events such as food, music and arts festivals, Seasonal events such as Easter and Christmas markets, Evenings at cafe’s on the banks of the Vltava river, Nights at the opera, Comedy improv shows, Cycling, skiing, hiking, boat trips, Mysterious escape games, Public cyphering games in the historical Prague, and much more!


Is Prague a safe place?
Prague is a very safe place. Violent crime here is rare compared to most Western cities. According to the Global Peace Index, the Czech Republic is considered the 6th safest country in the world (compared to the USA at number 103 or the UK at number 47). The main problems are petty theft and pickpocketing, especially on public transport and in crowded tourist areas. Keep your wallet and other valuables in an inside pocket or fastened bag, and do not leave belongings unattended or hung on the back of your chair in bars or cafes. A money-belt might be a wise investment.


What’s the weather like?
Quite changeable! Generally, warm in summer and cold in winter. From December through February, temperatures push below freezing even in the lowlands, and are bitter in the mountains. The long, sunny hot spells of summer tend to be broken by sudden, heavy thunderstorms.


What should I bring with me?
If you are planning on seeking work following the course, it would be a good idea to bring copies/originals of your educational diplomas and birth certificate as these may be useful for work or residence visas. You may also need your criminal background check. You should bring smart clothes for teaching practice and job interviews. If you are coming from outside Europe, you should bring an adapter for the electricity supply. All types of shopping facilities exist in Prague – from international supermarkets and department stores to small shops selling local handicrafts and markets selling fresh produce.

Book your course today!


By taking our TEFL Course in Prague, you receive so much more than a TEFL Certificate and guaranteed job placement in Czech Republic, you will get priceless experiences! Your classmates will be a fun mix of people of all ages and professions, from all over the world, creating unforgettable friendships and enjoying the endless surprises that Europe has to offer.

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