TEFL Course in Prague

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program in Czech Republic


Duration: 4 Weeks Onsite
Hours: 130 Hours
Total TEFL Course Tuition: €1,150 EUR ($1,350 USD)
Reserve with a Deposit of: €288 EUR ($329 USD), deducted from Total Tuition


Why take your TEFL Course in Czech Republic?
We know that moving to a different country can be quite overwhelming and stressful. That’s why we are here to help you every step of the way. We offer:

Highly practical TEFL course with real-life teaching practice taking place every afternoon.

Internationally recognized and accredited 130 Hour course.

Feedback from Qualified teacher trainers with 15+ years of experience.

Job Guarantee:  full-time Guaranteed Job Placement in Czech Republic for Pass 1 graduates.

Job offers for Pass 2 and Pass 3 graduates (95% of successful graduates get hired by the school).

Job Guidance Worldwide.

Visa Assistance: help getting a business visa, includes all steps of the visa process.

Accommodation: shared with other trainees + airport pickup.

Student support: Pre-course, during the course and post-course assistance.

Post-Course Housing Assistance – help in finding a permanent place to live in Prague.

Cultural events and parties taking place throughout the course.

and more!


Study in the Czech Republic
Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Its excellent geographic location, in the heart of Europe, will allow you to explore the whole continent; you can hop on a bus and go to Vienna, Budapest and Berlin or take a short flight to London, Dublin, Barcelona or Rome. Prague offers an excellent quality of life, not only is it beautiful with all its historical monuments and cobbled streets, but the job market is blooming, the cost of living is low compared to other European cities and the crime rate is very low, making Prague one of the safest cities in Europe. There are 70 theatres, 30 cinemas and 150 museums and galleries in Prague and so there is no chance to get bored here. And do not forget the many coffee bars, night clubs, parks, sport facilities, internet cafés and libraries. We have built our own TEFL community in Prague, host parties and networking events; we have a wonderful community of TEFL trainees and graduates as well as Czech students from our model class. As everyone loves to get together and have fun outside of school, we throw at least 3 parties or events in each course.


Accredited TEFL Program
The TEFL course in Prague is accredited by The International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO). IATQuO aims to promote and maintain internationally acceptable standards in the training of teachers of English to speakers of other languages. Before receiving the accreditation our TEFL course was scrutinized by IATQuO to ensure that it meets internationally acceptable quality standards and requirements. The course is also inspected on a regular basis (at least once a year) to guarantee that the standards are maintained.


Course Content
The TEFL course in Prague is 120 hours total and consists a series of workshops (taking place every morning) and teaching practice sessions/observations followed by a feedback session (taking place every afternoon). During the course trainees will learn to:

· plan and conduct successful lessons using the CLT method (communicative language teaching)
· understand the English phonology and basic grammar structures (tenses, conditionals, parts of speech.)
· apply various teaching techniques, teach grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking
· give instructions and correct students’ errors
· use coursebooks, incorporate media and technology into their lessons
· create a language course
· teach one to one, business English, exam preparation and young learners
· teach a monolingual and a multilingual class or a class where students have different levels of English


2018 Course Dates
January 15 – February 9
April 30 – May 25
June 4 – June 29
July 2 – July 27
August 6 – August 31
September 10 – October 5
November 19 – December 14


Included features within Total Course Fee:

· 4-week TEFL Training
· Accredited and Internationally Recognized Certificate.
· Job Guarantee in the Czech Republic and Mexico for Pass 1 graduates
· Job Interview in the Czech Republic for Pass 2 and Pass 3 graduates
· Lifelong Career Guidance an Job contacts worldwide
· Housing Guidance (info meeting and brochures)
· ALL course materials, stationery supplies, printing and photocopying.
· Free wireless internet service inside both the classroom and the accommodation
· Welcome party and other events organized by the TEFL school
· Post-course assistance to settle in the country
· Free Czech lessons during the course (6 hours in total) and after the TEFL Course in Prague
· Free printing and copying throughout the course
· Complimentary tea and coffee throughout the course
· Discounts on language courses within partner Language School
· Student discount card for bookshops, cafés, etc.
· Graduation Celebration!


Job Guarantee and Job Guidance:

Teach English in EuropeIf you get a Pass 1, which is the highest grade, you will be guaranteed a full-time job Prague. If you get a Pass 2 or Pass 3, you will be interviewed and offered a full-time or a part-time job depending on our current hiring needs (we usually hire around 95% of our graduates). We will also share current job offers from different Schools in Prague with you and give you a list of language schools you can contact. The TEFL certificate is also recognized worldwide, so if you want to work somewhere else than Prague, we will tell you where to look for jobs and answer all of your questions about working abroad.


We usually employ most of our graduates anyway, however, those who do not get a Pass 1 need to do and pass an interview first. We usually have enough hours available for a full-time job, but you may have to start with a part time job.

Assistance getting a tourist visa, as well as long-term visa – our in-house visa team is ready to help you with your visa process from start to end, so that you do not have to worry about the paperwork and can focus on your course. You will be required to get a background check and you are responsible for  paying all the procedures’ fees.


Not included in the course price:

Work Visa Assistance (total cost including all fees approximately €580 EUR). The administrative staff will issue your legal working permit, for which we ask for this extra fee to pay for the costs involved such as: the embassy trip, preparing the paperwork, etc. Additionally, through the Job Offer program, you will be introduced to different private, public and language schools around the world, and we will assist you in the whole process.


Housing Assistance (active help in finding a place to live), costs approximately €300 EUR.  If you decide to stay in Prague we will help you find a nice place to stay. We also offer  assistance opening a bank account, arranging a Czech phone number and more post-course assistance.




The TEFL Course in Prague aims to provide introductory, highly practical teacher training to trainees who are competent users

of the English language. By the end of this course, successful trainees will be able to plan and conduct effective EFL

lessons at different levels to adult learners whose mother tongue is not English.



This is a four-week, full-time, intensive course that requires trainees to attend and actively participate in a series

of methodology, techniques and language awareness workshops. In addition, trainees will teach EFL and observe

the lessons of experienced teachers.



The training materials come from the methodology, course books and reference areas. Trainees will be

introduced to a variety of TEFL materials.



Learning Teaching (second edition) by Jim Scrivener (Heinemann 2005)



-English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (Cambridge University Press)

-Grammar for English Language Teachers by Martin Parrott (Cambridge University Press)



Various course books for students and their accompanying teacher’s books



Assessment by course trainers, oral and written, is ongoing and cumulative. Course trainers may require

timely resubmission of work that fails to meet course standards. To receive a passing grade trainees




Passing grades are divided into three parts:


A Pass 1 “Excellent pass” is awarded to trainees who have successfully completed all required parts of the

course and whose lesson planning and teaching performance demonstrated evidence of training as well as clear

and consistent ability to apply course techniques throughout the TEFL Course in Prague. The trainee will have completed all  course written work and their work is clearly above the course standard. Their grammar, if weak at the start, will

have shown a clear, demonstrable improvement.


A Pass 2.1 “Good pass” is awarded to trainees who have successfully completed all required parts of the course

and whose lesson planning and teaching performance demonstrated evidence of training as well as clear ability

to apply course techniques. Further, the trainee will have completed all course written work, including

resubmissions, in a timely fashion. Their grammar, if weak at the start, will have shown clear improvement by the

fourth week of the course.


A Pass 2.2 “Decent pass“ is awarded to trainees who have completed all required parts of the TEFL Course in Prague and who have shown evidence of training and the ability to incorporate all the important course techniques into their

teaching, as well as having sufficient awareness of grammar.


A Pass 3 “Basic pass” is awarded to trainees who have completed all required parts of the course and whose

lesson planning and teaching performance demonstrated some evidence of training. The trainee will have

completed all course duties and written course work, including resubmissions, in a timely fashion. The trainees

have shown some evidence of training and the ability to incorporate basic course techniques into their

teaching, as well as having the minimum awareness of grammar necessary for teaching.


A Failing grade is awarded to those trainees who clearly fail to meet some or all course requirements. Trainees

who fail 2 assignments and trainees who are experiencing serious problems with parts of the course, especially

during the final week of the course, should not expect to receive a certificate. Trainees who are absent from

more than 10% of course sessions will not receive a certificate. Trainees who fail to submit or resubmit written

coursework that meets basic course standards in a timely fashion will not receive a certificate.

teach English in Prague

Upon graduation, you have the option to work full-time (at least 22 hours a week) or part-time. Part-time teachers usually teach around 15 lessons a week, teachers with full-time schedules have 22-30 hours a week. It is always better to start slowly, with fewer lessons (this will give you more time to plan your lessons and get used to the job) and add more and more lessons gradually.


In Prague, some teachers work for one school only, some accept jobs in two or more different schools. It is really up to you to decide which courses you will accept and thus how many hours you will teach. A lot of teachers also like to have private individual students to fill the gaps in their schedules and earn some extra money.


The amount of money you will earn depends on the number of hours you teach and the structure of your lessons. Your pay will start at around 200 CZK per hour. The more experienced you get the more you get paid. Also, private lessons are paid a bit better than group courses (however, there is a bigger risk of students cancelling the lessons). EXAMPLE: Let´s say a month has 4,5 working weeks, you teach 25 hours a week, 23 group lessons for 200 CZK/hour and 2 individual lessons for 300 CZK/hour. You will earn 20 700 CZK + 2 700CZK = 23 400 CZK.


Most of our graduates work for our sister companies. The schools operate throughout the whole of the Czech Republic with offices in Prague, Mladá Boleslav, Brno and Hradec Králové (jobs are mainly offered in Prague). The team is international and consists of approximately 450 teachers from various parts of the world, as well as from the Czech Republic.



It is always easier to apply for jobs in a place you are familiar with and therefore we try to make the transition from the course to starting your job as smooth as possible. If you pass the TEFL Course in Prague successfully, you will be interviewed for a job upon graduation of your TEFL Course in Prague.



– You will be guaranteed a job following the course. Our colleagues from the HR department will invite you for an interview to see your teaching style and discuss your preferences about the job with you.

– You will be offered a full-time schedule (min. 22 hours a week), but you can also choose to work part-time should a full-time schedule not suit you.

– In summer months, there are not as many courses as during the rest of the year. We will try to fill up your schedule as quickly as possible, however, if you start working in July or August, your schedule may consist of less than 22 hours a week at first and will be filling up gradually.

The TEFL house

TEFL in pragueLOCATION: The house is located 30 minutes away from school in a nice residential area in Prague. Students of our TEFL Course in Prague need to take the bus and metro to get to school.

ROOMS: There are single rooms and double rooms. The rooms are light and comfortable, equipped with a bed, a table and a chair, a working lamp, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Bed linen is provided, trainees need to bring their own towels.

BOARD: The house is self-catering. There is a large kitchen equipped with all necessary appliances and utensils.

FACILITIES: The house has 2 shared bathrooms, a laundry room, drying racks, a flat iron and an ironing board. There is also a rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of Prague and a garden.

CHECK-IN: Friday to Sunday before the course start.
CHECK-OUT: Tuesday after the course.


*You are welcome to search for your own housing and get the Basic TEFL Package.

Do you recommend an online course or this 4 week TEFL program in-person?

We believe that the hands-on teaching practice is a very important part of the course – it prepares our trainees really well for their teaching career and makes them feel confident to stand in front of a class. Also, on-site TEFL courses are preferred by employers worldwide, applicants that have only done an on-site course are very often not accepted (unless they have significant teaching experience).


Does this TEFL Course in Prague offer teaching with adults and children?

During the TEFL Course in Prague, you will be teaching mainly adults (teaching practice takes place in the afternoons when children are at school, so it would be very difficult to have them attend our lessons). However, the course includes workshops on how to teach children and young learners and after the course you can teach adults, teens or children, depending on what you prefer.


What is the average salary a teacher in Prague makes?

The amount of money you will earn depends on the number of hours you teach and the structure of your lessons. Your pay will start at around 200 CZK per hour. The more experienced you get the more you get paid. Also, private lessons are paid a bit better than group courses (however, there is a bigger risk of students cancelling the lessons). Let’s say a month has 4,5 working weeks, you teach 25 hours a week, 23 group lessons for 200 CZK/hour and 2 individual lessons for 300 CZK/hour. You will earn 20 700 CZK + 2 700CZK = 23 400 CZK. But you can always earn more by adding extra lessons (our academic HR department sends out a list of available courses every couple of weeks) or you can get a part-time job somewhere else to earn some extra money. Good teachers earn up to 30 000 CZK, which is above average in the Czech Republic. Additionally, we recommend that you join Facebook Groups so you are up-to-date witht he latest job offers in prague.


Can I make my own schedule/decide how many hours per week I want to work?

Generally, language schools in Prague are very flexible and teachers do have a say in how many lessons they want to have and what their schedule should look like. For example, in our language school, the HR department will ask you about your preferences at the interview and put together a schedule they think will suit you. Then they will send you the schedule for your review and if there are any lessons that do not work for you, they can cancel them or move them to a different time (if possible). And you can always say that you do not want certain lessons. So yes, they try to be as flexible as possible.


Will the work visa obtained through the TEFL course allow me to teach anywhere in the EU or only in Prague?

The visa is only valid for the Czech Republic. You can travel freely within the EU with it, but to be able to work in a different country, you need to get a separate visa. You can have other jobs with this visa, a lot of our graduates work in cafes, restaurants or as tour guides.


Do I have to wait to apply for a visa once the program is over?

Not at all, we usually start the visa process at the beginning of the TEFL Course in Prague.


Do you help with apartment searches?

Yes. In week 1 of the TEFL Course in Prague there is a housing guidance workshop where we talk about how to find a place in Prague. We also work very closely with a relocation company that can help you find a place if you do not want to look all on your own.

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By taking our TEFL Course in Prague, you receive so much more than a TEFL Certificate and guaranteed job placement in Czech Republic, you will get priceless experiences! Your classmates will be a fun mix of people of all ages and professions, from all over the world, creating unforgettable friendships and enjoying the endless surprises that Europe has to offer.

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