TEFL Course in Costa Rica

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program in Playa Samara


Duration: 4 Weeks Onsite
Hours: 160 Hours
Regular Course Tuition:  $1,635 USD
eserve with a Deposit of: $408 USD (Deducted from Total Tuition)



Why take your TEFL Course in Costa Rica?
Guaranteed Paid Job Placement in Costa Rica and employment contacts worldwide! Obtain life-transforming international work experience for four weeks to be ready to teach English as a Foreign Language anywhere in the world. The TEFL Course in Costa Rica is 4-weeks long, featuring 160 hours of course content, leading to the internationally recognized certificate in teaching English as a Foreign Language. This teacher training course has been developed over a period of years and is taught by some of the most respected trainers in the business. Successful graduates earn an internationally recognized TEFL certificate allowing them to teach anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can enjoy yourself and have fun in Playa Samara’s unique and wonderful culture!


Study in Playa Samara
Playa Samara is foreign-friendly, while still maintaining the rich culture of Costa Ricans and exemplifying the “pura vida” lifestyle. In addition to our internationally accredited TEFL school, Playa Samara boasts plentiful opportunities to learn and practice Spanish, delicious international cuisine, and a variety of touring options to appeal to every type of traveler. The shallow waters of the large half moon bay are protected by a coral reef, which makes swimming a delight. Low tide produces a vast swathe of sand, providing playground for all kinds of beach games. There are a ton of different activities to do around town including surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, zip lining and so much more; the school is walking distance to the beach!


Accredited TEFL Program
Our TEFL course in Playa Samara is accredited, and quality assured, by International TEFL Accreditation Council. The International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC) is an independent institution specializing in the accreditation of TEFL/TESOL course providers and institutions around the world. Having ITEFLAC’s accreditation is proof we are commitment to providing an excellent academic program, which is recognized all over the world. ITEFLAC grants its accreditation through a unique process that evaluates the school’s high standards, under the best educational global practices, while also reviewing ethical academic values through a continuous improvement process.


Course Content
Our 160-hour TEFL Course in Costa Rica includes 11 core modules of academic curriculum. The TEFL program is taught in a hands-on, small group discussion classroom (no more than 8 students per class), in which trainees are encouraged to actively participate and share about their learning experiences. Active class participation and application of the curriculum is expected throughout the course. Trainees must successfully complete a final exam which covers the core curriculum and its application in the EFL/ESL classroom. Trainees must plan for and teach from 10 to 20 hours to our local Costa Rican EFL students. Trainees teach in 1.5 to 2-hour blocks and are observed by their highly experienced teacher trainers and peers.


2019 Course Dates
July 8th – August 2nd
August 5th – August 30th 
September 9th – October 4th 
October 14th – November 8th
November 18th – December 13th


Included features within Total Course Fee:

4 week, 160 hour hands-on TEFL Training with 10-20 observed teaching hours with actual EFL students.
Internationally Accredited Certificate.
Guaranteed Job Placement in Costa Rica.
Job Contacts for Worldwide + Lifelong Career Guidance.
Housing Placement Assistance.
ALL course materials, stationery supplies, printing and photocopying.
Free wireless internet service inside both the classroom and the accommodation.
Free Yoga classes on the beach.
Free Spanish classes.
Graduation Celebration!

TEFL Course in Costa Rica

TEFL Course in Costa Rica


The TEFL course in Costa Rica is aimed at those with no previous experience. During the program, you will prepare and teach a minimum of 10 practice classes with real Costa Rican students in a classroom setting. The 4-week program covers all the important aspects of teaching methodology. You will learn the theory of English language teaching, refresh your grammar skills, observe experienced teachers in action, and finally conduct practice classes of your own with real EFL Costa Rican students. In fact, our trainees get more actual practice classes than any other provider.


Class Schedule
Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.
40 hours per week, 160 hours in total.


Each trainee must complete 160 contact hours in order to receive our Internationally Accredited Costa Rica TESOL/TEFL Certificate. Classes will be held 40 hours per week over a period of four weeks. Trainees will complete the above mentioned hours in the following areas:


EFL Teacher Training
Effective Lesson Planning
Observed practice teaching
Peer observation
Feedback sessions
Teaching methodologies
Teaching techniques
How to successfully teach grammar
Learning styles
Classroom management
Classroom adaptation
Culture in the classroom
Creativity in the classroom
Job placement assistance.
and more.


Evaluation Process
Trainees will be evaluated throughout the TEFL course in Playa Samara based on their general performance during class, lesson plans, application of methodologies and feedback, and final observed teaching hours. Trainees will be given an Observation Form for each observed teaching hour, as well as an overall observation form at the time of the cumulative final exam.


Teachers are given a Pass A, Pass B, Pass or Fail grade.

Over the four weeks of the program, trainees will create a portfolio of their created activities, observation forms and final test to be used in the interview process and future ESL/EFL classroom. Our textbook and didactic materials are all included in the course. Trainees will also have the opportunity to meet other local English teachers to discuss their experiences of teaching abroad.


Committed and Experienced Teacher Trainers

The core instructors all have Masters degrees and/or higher in Education and in teaching English as a second or foreign language with more than 30 years of professional teaching experience. Our teacher trainers have designed a customized course based on their own experiences with TEFL/TESOL courses, educational training and years of classroom contact. In addition to the actual course content, teachers will assess the specific needs of the trainees and include tailored workshops as necessary. During the TEFL Course in Costa Rica, you will prepare and teach a minimum of 10 practice classes with real students in a classroom situation. All teaching practice sessions are observed by a qualified, experienced EFL teacher trainer who will complete a performance report to provide constructive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher. All our teachers are also previous graduates of the our TEFL program. They are highly qualified to conduct feedback sessions after all your practice classes.

Teaching English in Costa Rica 

Teaching English in Costa Rica 


During our TEFL course, trainees will begin our (lifetime) job placement assistance to Teach English in Costa Rica on week 2 of the course. We will assist you in making a teaching resume as well as begin to discuss your future job interests and set up interviews. Teachers will become part of our international network of TEFL graduates and complete a portfolio of their work throughout the course, which will be used in their future classrooms and as a tool during job interviews. We will get you up to the interview process, then it is your responsibility to secure the teaching position during or after the interview. We have been fortunate to have a very high placement level and have a great professional relationship with many of the local school Directors.


The majority of the available job positions in Costa Rica are in the central valley.  We work with a number of well-established language institutes and international schools that look forward to working with our TEFL graduates. We suggest the following steps to our students when searching for a TEFL job:


1. Identify the areas you would like to work in, be open to working in the Central Valley, where the majority of the jobs are.

2. Contact potential employers (schools of interest) and copy us on the email. Send them your resume and a short email to introduce yourself.

3. Make the suggested changes to your resume as soon as possible. We will send your resume to potential employers as well and notify you of any updates.

4. Be clear on when you want to start teaching; some graduates want to begin working right away, others prefer to wait. The hiring process can take from one week to one month or longer, depending on where and when you want to work.

5. We suggest that you also accept job interviews as soon as you are offered the opportunity. Get a feel for the way schools are run here and a feel for your options. Many schools now conduct SKYPE or phone interviews which can be done during the program.

6. If you want to work outside Costa Rica you will need to email us contact information for the schools of interest and we will send them a reference on your behalf. We will also give you leads and put you in touch with graduates that are working in that country (if available) and follow up to make sure you have been placed.

7. During the TEFL course, you may get in touch with our graduates, who are currently working in Costa Rica and around the globe to get some firsthand insight on the country and/or school of interest.

Contact us for further details at info@tefl-programs.com.


Getting a Teaching Job in Costa Rica

Once you’ve completed the TEFL Course in Costa Rica, you can easily find the right TEFL job for you in Costa Rica!

You can choose between teaching positions in private language schools, state schools, universities, businesses, hotels, kindergartens as well as private tutoring and voluntary work.


To qualify for the Guaranteed Job Placement in Costa Rica you will need to:

Successfully graduate from our TEFL Course in Playa Samara.

Be a native English speaker.

Have a 4-year University Degree.

Be aged between 18 and 65.

Have a passport with at least 12 months remaining.

No criminal record.

Accommodation in Playa Samara
Housing assistance at no cost is available can be either with local families, independent residences, or in local hotels. The cost of housing for 4 weeks ranges from $280 to $600 USD. See as follows:


Option 1) Shared Housing:

1 private room at a shared house.

$300 USD per month.


Option 2) Homestay with local Costa Rican family:

1 private room at a shared house.

Includes 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner) and laundry service.

$600 per month


Option 3) Independent Studio & Apartments (availability varies)

Furnished one and two-bedroom apartments include: fan, TV/cable, equipped kitchen, and internet. Just a 10-minute walk to school and beach! $550 USD per month.

Rustic studio cabin: fan, small kitchenette, Wifi. Only a 10-minute walk to the school, 5 minute walk to beach. Next door to a mini market and pizzeria. $350 USD per month.


Option 4) Airbnb

Some students prefer to use Airbnb instead, (visit https://www.airbnb.com), to arrange their own accommodation while taking the course in Playa Samara. You can find housing in apartments, hostels, or single rooms at very affordable prices. The benefits of using this App is that you get to see different photos, read reviews of the place, a map to see the distance from the school, and you can talk to the owner directly.

Simply let us know your preference in advance.

What are the requirements to teach English in Costa Rica?

To qualify to teach English in Costa Rica you will need:

Be a native English speaker for Guaranteed Job Placement or be near-native English speaker for job contacts.

Higher education (a degree or diploma).

TEFL Certificate of at least 120 hours total.

Be aged between 18 and 65.

Have a passport with at least 12 months remaining.

No criminal record.


Does you provide TEFL job placement assistance in Costa Rica?
We provide lifelong job placement assistance including resume building, setting up interviews within our wide range of contacts, and interview preparation.


Do you provide housing assistance?
Housing assistance is available free of charge for those interested and can be either in shared housing, independent living, in local hotels/hostels or with local families.


Is the school/course accredited?
Yes, the TEFL course in Costa Rica is accredited by the International TEFL Accreditation Council, ITEFLAC.


What is the teacher salary like in Costa Rica?
Typical salaries for teachers in Costa Rica can range from $700 USD to $1,000 USD per month (depending on if it is a fulltime or part time position). Most students can make enough money to live off of but not save.


Where can I teach upon graduation of the TEFL Course in Costa Rica?

You can teach in any of the following four types of schools: State schools (primary and secondary), private schools (primary and secondary), language schools or at international schools.


Where do the majority of students go to teach after they complete the course?
The majority of our students work in language schools in the central valley. We also place students at International Schools across Costa Rica as well as in Peru, Dominican Republic. Colombia and Asia. We have students all over the world!


How do I apply for my Tourist Visa to take the TEFL Course in Costa Rica?

You should apply for a 90-day Tourist Visa from the Costa Rica Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
This can normally be handled by post within a few days and is not expensive. You will not need any documentation from us to support an application for such a visa. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the date of entry into Costa Rica, and you must be able to obtain a police clearance certificate from your home country if you wish to work in certain countries.


What type of activities are there in Playa Samara?
There are many activities to do around Playa Samara! These include dance classes, cooking demonstrations, yoga and fitness classes, surfing, snorkeling and more!

Other options include: River Kayaking, Ocean Kayaking and Snorkeling at Isla Chora, Dolphin Watching or Snorkeling, Turtle Tour, Horseback Riding, River or Ocean Stand Up Paddleboard, Sunset Boat Tour.

Other half or full day tours to areas around the country: Crocodile Safari, Bird Watching in Palo Verde National Park, Rio Celeste, Rincon de la Vieja which includes horseback riding, canopy zipline, rappelling, tubing and hot springs, Arenal Volcano, Hot Springs, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Barra Honda National Park Hiking and Caves, or Guaitil Artisan Village.


Are there Volunteering Opportunities in Costa Rica?
Yes, Costa Rica has many volunteer opportunities! We have had several of our students go on to participate in and really enjoy volunteering in Costa Rica. Let us know in advance if you are interested so we suggest a few options.

Book your course today!

By taking our TEFL Course in Costa Rica, you receive so much more than a TEFL Certificate and job contacts worldwide, you will get priceless experiences! Your classmates will be a fun mix of people of all ages and professions, from all over the world, creating unforgettable friendships and enjoying the endless surprises that Playa Samara has to offer.

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