TEFL Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program in Argentina


Duration: 4 Weeks Onsite
Hours: 120 Hours
Total Course Tuition: $2,140 USD
Reserve with a Deposit of: $500 USD (Deducted from Total Tuition)


Why take your TEFL Course in Buenos Aires?

Taking your 4 week Teacher Training in Buenos Aires will not only grant you a certificate, you will also develop your profiency in Spanish as we provide a week of free-optional lessons. Also, you will learn about teaching English
and have the opportunity to teach learners as part of your regular coursework. We provide one week of free Spanish immersion classes for all TEFL Trainees in order to help them improve the language, get settled in Buenos Aires and understand the student better.


Study in Argentina
Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the metropolis area is known for its European atmosphere, passionate tango, and vibrant nightlife. There is so much to see and learn about this cultural city, not to mention the demand for English teachers or English Native Teachers is higher than the supply. So, if you desire to earn your TEFL certification, why not earn it in one of the most fascinating cities in South America!

The rich and colorful city of Buenos Aires is a great place to meet peers, as well as have many exciting experiences. The city offers something for everyone, whether you are a devoted soccer fan or have a love for the arts, Buenos Aires has it all. Another great aspect about Buenos Aires is that it is relatively cheap in comparison with other cities of its size and stature. If you wish to teach English while traveling then Buenos Aires is a good spot to start. The capital city is the perfect hub to travel to many of the sought after destination spots all over Argentina.


Accredited TEFL Program
Our TEFL Course in Buenos Aires is accredited by Fairmont State University through the English as a Second Language Program, which is regionally accredited by the prestigious North Central Association for Colleges and Schools. Additionally, TEFL International graduates may receive 3 undergraduate credits for completing this course. Fairmont State University, English as a Second Language Program, confirms that our course meets all generally accepted international standards. As such, all TEFL graduates from these programs are found to be competent and qualified candidates as EFL Instructors and their diploma is US validated in order to work anywhere in the world.


Course Content
120-Hour On-Site Certification
Our school gives our TEFL trainees the qualification needed in order to teach English as a foreign or second language worldwide. Our TEFL course consists of 120 hours of coursework with also ten hours of teaching practice sessions
per participant.


2019 Remaining Course Dates

10 July – 6 August
9 August – 6 September
12 September – 9 October
15 October – 11 November
14 November – 12 December


Included features within Total Course Fee:

  • 4 week TEFL Training of 120 hours.
  • Internationally Accredited TEFL certificate.
  • 10 hours of observed teaching practice.
  • 10 hours of teaching practice.
  • Guaranteed Job Placement (minimum stay of 6-months).
  • All course materials and course book.
  • Free wireless internet at school.
  • Free 20 hour Spanish classes.
  • Graduation Celebration!

4 Week TEFL Course in Buenos Aires

Course Content


TEFL Course in HanoiForeign Language Experience
This is a daily record of notes, comments, reviews, critiques, observation, and personal feelings
during the TEFL program. It should include the following:
• Daily thoughts on teachings
• Comparing/contrasting the learning process with the teaching process
• Noting observations of teaching techniques, materials used and classroom management
• A 200 word conclusion on what was learned and how to use it in future


II. Profile of an Individual English student

This profile allows Trainees to experience what it is like to learn a foreign/second language and
enables them to reflect this experience directly into their own teaching. Trainees need to observe a
student learning English in order to assimilate how to find student needs, create course objectives
and to develop a lesson plan. This profile must include the following:

• A clear profile of the student and their English level
• Analyze the students learning needs in the future
• Analyze the students short-term learning needs and create a two week lesson plan

III. Three lesson Plans

Trainees will be able to develop the necessary teaching skills during the course in order to create a
specific lesson plan per learning level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced English). These three
lesson plans should have to be done some days prior to the end of the course, during the last
week of the course.
Two TEFL Tests
Trainees should have to successfully complete a total of two TEFL tests in order to make progress
throughout the course. These exams are periodic progress tests and will contain exercises on
methodological issues and language awareness. These are tutor- marked assignments..

IV. Classroom observation

Trainees will be given ten hours of classroom observation sessions with experienced Foreign
Language or English Tutors before teaching a real ESL/EFL student. Therefore, trainees will need
to take into account certain aspects of their future teachings and observe the following:
• if the instructions in the observed class were clear/if the academic goals are set from the
beginning of the class,
• if the teacher writes clearly on the whiteboard,
• if the teacher pronounces the language clearly and if classroom language is appropriate,
• if the class is engaging and all students are involved,
• if the teacher makes sure all students understood and are making progress, • if classroom setting
is positive and pacing of the lesson is accurate,
• if there is a good balance between student talk and teacher talk,
• and if all materials are appropriate to the learning level of students.

V. Teaching Practice

Trainees will be given ten hours of in-classroom practice with real English students. This will
enable Trainees to teach real students and gain in-class experience and also receive mentor/tutor
feedback. It is expected that all trainees during the teaching practice could demonstrate:
• Good potential
• Good awareness of the levels of their students
• Devise a variety of activities to match the interests of their students • A variety of techniques to
convey meaning
• Good classroom management
• An awareness of the need for thorough lesson planning
• Appropriate error correction.


Guaranteed Job Placement in Argentina

TEFL Graduates can start working after the TEFL course but it will take one month or a little bit more taking into account the interview process. Some companies and language schools would like to try the graduates and offer them
less hours in the beginning and if they get good or great feedback they get their teaching schedule full very soon. There is a shortage of TEFL qualified Teachers in Buenos Aires so they will all have a guaranteed Teaching Job right
after the TEFL course if they would like to considering the interview process as well. What our TEFL graduates normally do in order to benefit of the USD difference and to fight inflation here is teaching English online part time,
therefore getting paid in USD and the rest of the time to work for an Argentinian employer because of the challenge as well as for the experience average salary for a TEFL-certified, degree-holding, native English speaker is around $20 USD per hour. This is often higher depending on your experience and qualifications.



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