TEFL Course in Mexico

Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program in Guadalajara


Duration:  4 Weeks Onsite
Hours: 120 Hours
Total Course Tuition: $1,349 USD
Booking Fee: $349 USD


Why take your TEFL Course in Mexico?

Guaranteed Paid Job Placement anywhere in Mexico and employment contacts worldwide!

Also, gain life-transforming international work experience for four weeks to be ready to teach English as a Foreign Language anywhere in the world.


Study in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is a city of magnificent depth, with a great variety of things to do and sights to discover; you will earn your accredited TEFL certificate in Mexico while you enjoy one of the best climates on the planet. It is birthplace to Tequila, Mariachi and the best Mexican cuisine. The city is only a few hours away from the world renowned Puerto Vallarta Beach on the Pacific Ocean, and other colorful small towns boasting centuries of history and culture. The climate is one definitely of the most pleasant in the world, with year round average temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The locals, or Tapatios, are warm, friendly and welcoming. Your intensive teacher training will be complemented by fantastic social activities. On the weekends, you can salsa dance until dawn or visit some of the trendiest clubs. Experience a truly spectacular nightlife, which competes with other major cities across the globe. One thing for sure, you will not be bored in Guadalajara!


Accredited TEFL Program

Our TEFL course in Mexico has successfully met all of the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)’s accreditation requirements and, as a result, our program has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. Our institute has been awarded Full Accreditation after being evaluated under the International Accreditation Organization’s standards of global best practices in: Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. IAO’s full accreditation is a proof that we offer education that is on par with global education standards and that our institute is fully committed towards continuous improvement in the ever-evolving field of education.


Course Content

120-Hour On-Site Certification
Our 4 week, accredited TEFL course in Mexico provides for a high-quality practical training. During the training, there are daily study sessions, in which you learn teaching methodology, classroom management, how to teach accent reduction and interesting grammar classes. A major portion program is spent on preparing, teaching, and evaluating classes. The teaching-practice students are real students, whether locals or immigrants to the region. The onsite TEFL course in Mexico is perfect if you have never taught English before and if you are serious about teaching English long-term. You will gradually acquire new skills, and get immediate feedback from your trainer.


2017 Course Dates
3 July – 28 July
7 August – 1 September
30 October – 24 November
27 November – 22 December


Included features within Total Course Fee:

  • 4 week TEFL Training and Teaching Practice included.
  • Accredited and Internationally Recognized Certificate.
  • Guaranteed Paid Job Placement in Mexico.
  • EFL Employment Contacts Worldwide.
  • Housing Placement Assistance.
  • ALL course materials, stationery supplies, printing and photocopying.
  • Unlimited WIFI /Internet Access at school.
  • Graduation Dinner and of course, After Party!

4 Week Onsite Course Content

tefl course in MexicoI. Foreign Language Experience
The trainee will complete a daily learning journal during the foreign language experience. The focus is upon critical reflection on the learning experience and useful insights for teaching.


II. Language Awareness
· Grammar: Inputs cover word classes, simple sentence elements, complex sentences and clauses, verb time and tense, aspect and conditionals and modals, phrasal’s and voice.
· Phonology: Covering: phonemics, rhythm, stress, intonation, place & manner of articulation and connected speech.


III. Student Profile
Trainees work with individual students on rapport-building, error analysis and correction and addressing individual student needs. Three meetings with the student are required including transcription and error analysis of audio and written samples, culminating in a 60-minute session observed by a trainer.


IV. Teaching Techniques
V. Teaching Practice and Observation

Trainees complete
· 3 hours of observing experienced teachers
· 1 hour observing professionally developed video

· 12 hours of peer observation
· 1 hour of shared teaching practice
· 6 hours of individual teaching practice


VI. Material’s Project

Guaranteed Paid Job Placement in Mexico and Employment Contacts Worldwide.


During your 4 week TEFL course in Mexico, you will prepare your resume/CV for your new teaching career with the assistance of your experienced teacher trainer and job placement staff.


Teaching opportunities abound in Mexico. As a fully certified individual, you can make from $600 USD to $900 USD per month depending on your qualifications, such as additional teaching experience (not mandatory), and education level.

The cost of living is fairly low, especially outside Mexico City. Under this salary, you will be able to teach comfortably, specially if you share accommodations with other teachers.


After graduating from the 4-week TEFL course in Mexico, you will have a guaranteed paid teaching position in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide

Contact us to find out about the requirements.


Most of our students use Airbnb (visit to arrange their own accommodation while taking the course. You can find housing in apartments, hostels, or single rooms at very affordable prices. The benefits of using this App is that you get to see different photos, read reviews of the place, a map to see the distance from the school, and you can talk to the owner directly.



Just a few blocks away from the school.


  • Privates Rooms with bath.
  • Huge garden with hammocks and lounge chairs with roof top sun terrace
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Free internet and Wi-Fi access, and games and TV room
  • Tourist Information with Tours to Tequila, Chapala and Puerto Vallarta
  • Bicycle service
  • 24 hours reception
  • No curfew

Hostal fees for 4 weeks:

Shared Room and shared bathroom

$210 USD

Private Room with Private bathroom

$450 USD


4-Star Hotel:

Located at just a few minutes from the school, this hotel offers single, double, and junior suites. They also feature restaurants, lounge bars, room service, free WI-FI in rooms/public areas. The atmosphere at the hotel is very calm, providing guests with a soothing ambiance and excellent nights’ sleep.

Hotel Fee: The daily rate on single or double rooms range from $40 USD to $70 USD per night.

The hotel features:

  • Excellent Restaurant
  • Laundry Service
  • Cable TV
  • WIFI
  • Room Service
  • 24-hour Front Desk Assistance
  • Bilingual Staff

What is a TEFL / TESL certificate?

A Teaching English as a Foreign / Second Language  certificate is an internationally recognized qualification that enables people/English teachers to Teach English as a Foreign or Second Language.


What qualifications do I need to do the TEFL course in Mexico?

  • While the TEFL course in Mexico is essentially practical, some evidence of study at a higher education level is necessary in order to cope with the academic side of the course. In some cases, work experience may be accepted in place of qualifications.
  • Have a positive attitude towards teamwork and experiential learning activities. This includes acknowledging the relevance of these in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and willingness to actively participate in the course.


Do I need to speak British English or North American English?

We regard English as a global language and therefore welcome applicants from all native speaking countries, as well as non-native speakers with a proficient level of English. There is no preferential treatment for, or discrimination against trainees because of origin, accent or pronounciation.                                           


Do I need knowledge of other languages?                

No. We use the universally accepted communicative approach to teaching, where English is the only language used in the classroom.


Is there an age limit?

You must be at least 18 years of age for your application to be considered. There is no official upper age limit. Some employers may have a preference for younger English teachers whilst others tend to prefer more ‘mature’ teachers. The majority of our trainees are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, but we have successfully trained and found employment for graduates in their 50’s and 60’s and therefore welcome applications from all interested parties regardless of age, gender or religion.                                                       


Will I be a competent English teacher by the end of the TEFL course in Mexico? 

Due to the high practical content of the course, all graduates should have the necessary skills, confidence and ability to embark on their teaching careers and work in a professional manner anywhere in the world. All certificate courses for English teachers, however, serve as initial teacher training and those interested in pursuing teaching as a career often go on to take a diploma or MA after 2 years of teaching experience (minimum 2 yrs. for a diploma). 


Does the TEFL course in Mexico meet international guidelines?

Yes. Whilst there is no true international body for courses, internationally accepted guidelines state that the course must have 100 hours of input, 6 hours of teaching practice and is externally monitored. The TEFL course in Mexico has, in fact, 140 hours of input and a minimum of 10 hours teaching practice as well as being externally monitored.            


When is the best time to do the TEFL course in Mexico?  

There really is no best or worst time. Countries in different hemispheres have different academic years and tend to hire year round anyway, on and as needed basis.                                                        


What are the chances of finding a job after completing the course?

Excellent. At present, there is a shortage of certificate qualified English teachers in Mexico, Central / South America and worldwide. Consequently, the majority of our trainees will have found employment by the time they have completed the course. The only exceptions tend to be graduates who wish to work in a relatively difficult location (due to demand, timing or regulations). The demand for teachers is so high in many countries, that we are able to offer guaranteed employment on successful completion of the course.                                                


Is job placement assistance included?   

Yes. All graduates receive individual counseling and assistance with finding a teaching job. We have contacts with many schools worldwide and can often place graduates within its own network of language schools.will help with all aspects of job seeking from CV/resume construction and interview techniques to arranging job interviews.        


Is your paid job placement program really guaranteed?                     

Yes. We guarantee paid job placement in Mexico and provide direct employment contacts worldwide. Both our paid job placement and job guidance programs are lifetime services offered to trainees and graduates. When our students need our guaranteed job placement program, we ask them to provide us with 5 metropolitan areas or countries where they would like to be employed. Although our guarantee is within Mexico, our efforts are the same for those desiring to start their career in other countries. During the course, students will also receive personalized tutoring to know where, when and how to search for jobs; our trainees will discover how to assess which jobs offer the best benefits. Finally, our students are given tools to learn how to successfully apply to these positions. 




Will you help in adapting to the new environment?

Yes. You will have free taxi transportation from the airport to your accommodation, and on the first day of the course we hold an orientation session. Social events with locals take place during the course (dance, karaoke, etc.) and our Student Services Coordinator is always ready to assist you.



What if I want to look for my own accommodations?

Most of our students use Airbnb (visit to arrange their own accommodation while taking the course. You can find housing in apartments, hostels, or single rooms at very affordable prices. The benefits of using this App is that you get to see different photos, read reviews of the place, a map to see the distance from the school, and you can talk to the owner directly.


How do I apply to the TEFL course in Mexico?

You can either contact us directly and we will send you an information pack or you can complete the on-line application form on this web site.     

If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at

Book your course today!

By attending this course, you will receive so much more than an internationally accredited TEFL Certificate and guaranteed job placement in Mexico, you will get priceless experiences! Your classmates will be an eclectic mix of people of all ages and professions, from all over the world, creating unforgettable friendships and enjoying the endless charm and beauty of Mexico.

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