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tefl coursesWe are here to help you reach your life-changing goal of becoming an English as a Foreign Language Teacher by taking any of our TEFL courses so you can travel around the world and earn money while doing so.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TEFL, is simply an unforgettable and profitable new way of living, which creates meaningful connections with students, coworkers and new friends along the journey. If you’re into studying under the mindset of travelling and working abroad, or what we call academic wanderlust, you’ve found the right place.


As a graduate of any of our 4-Week TEFL courses, you’ll have job guidance and even guaranteed PAID job placement in certain onsite locations; the first step is to decide where to study for 4 weeks or if you rather learn from home, by taking an online TEFL program:

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Online TEFL Courses

120 Hour Accredited Online TEFL TESOL Program

Online TEFL


Accredited Online TEFL TESOL Certification


50 Hour Online Teach Business English Course



Online TBE Course


50 Hour Online Teach Young Learners Course



Online TEYL Course


Guaranteed Job Placement and Job Guidance 


At Teach to Travel Academy, we are committed to lead you into a fulfilling teaching job. We offer accredited TEFL courses with the best job assistance in the EFL teaching industry. Most of our 4 week courses even include guaranteed job placement.  If you successfully follow the academic program with the job guidance components, you will practically start teaching right after graduation!  Contact us after graduation to request job contacts and feedback on your C.V., as it is very important how you present yourself to potential EFL employers who seek the best candidates for their EFL teaching job openings. Additionally, we recommend to check out our Meaningful Travel Info and Facebook page for further insight into several teaching destinations around the world. Find out more:

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